Pitching from the Stretch: The Stage from the Set Position

Do you love playing baseball? Baseball is one of the famous sports that are loved by some people. It will be a great sport in order to decrease your stress and getting back your spirit. However, it is also nice when you know the theory and technique of baseball in order to play this game well. Here, we will talk about the stage of position as the branch of pitching from the stretch. There are several positions that you need to know in this pitching menu. Are you curious with it?


Before you train yourself in pitching menu, you need to do some preparations. Yes, the preparation is important in order to make your training well and you can increase your technique. In preparation, you need to prepare its equipment, such as stick and others. In other hand, you also need to prepare the condition of your body by doing some warming up. You need to know that warming up will make your body and muscle is ready to get the hard training. After the preparation, now let us see the position of the pitching you need to know. Read more

Slow Pitch Pitching Tips: Great Technique for Great Pitch

Baseball has been famous throughout the ball. No wonder, this sport has been renewed as time goes by. People have discovered more techniques and variations in baseball, which one of them is a slow pitch. It has been played in the United States. As stated in its name, slow pitch doesn’t require quick pitching. The player should not generate sufficient movement in this game. It may not be sensible, but large shots or homeruns can be restricted as long as the players use the proper technique as described in this slow pitch pitching tips.

Essential Elements: Arc, Initial Position, and Grip

Tips for slow pitch pitching deal with some essential elements like arc, initial position, and grip. Those elements are the procedures that every player should understand. The batter can hardly hit longer shots if the arc is greater. The way each player grips the ball can determine the technique which will be used. What about the initial position? It can decide how short or how deep the ball will land. Higher delivery can reduce the ball distance. Read more

3 Common Types of Baseball Pitches to be Learned

Understanding all types of baseball pitches is important for everyone who wants to be a good baseball player. That becomes more important for everyone who wants to focus to be the skilled pitcher. There are so many types of pitches to be learned. Some of them even can be categorized as the hard ones to be practiced. You can start it by understanding all theoretically before you try to practice it in the field.

By theoretically, understanding all types of baseball pitches, people minimally have the basic knowledge about throwing the ball. It is not funny to throw the screwball in the wrong way since the result can be far from the desired one. After understanding it, the more trying is needed for making sure that you get the technique naturally even without thinking about it theoretically. Good pitcher role is really needed to win the game of baseball everywhere and every time. Read more

3 Best Portable Pitching Mound Reviews

Portable pitching mound is designed for meeting baseball league or training specifications. It is constructed from reinforced fiberglass engineered for any unlimited play. Such kind of portable mound product is as vital as equipment where the game is set. The choice of it determines how the game will be and how the player will feel. It is important to select the best mound among many offers provided to you. You can consider the model, the material and more about the mound you will choose. It has certain specifications that make it qualified as your best choice. Read more

Wiffle Ball Pitches: What to Know?

Wiffle ball pitches are type of throwing or catching the ball that is so popular among people of baseballs lovers. It is a healing sport that can be played by you and your companions or with your family members. The way of doing sport seems easy at first, but it needs some technique that should be done correctly. This game is popular because of the action of the ball that can fly off higher and with a beautiful line.

The pitch ball of Wiffle is known for its two feet curved throwing line of the backyard. Not if everyone can do this action perfectly, only if you do practice the Wiffle ball pitches steps continuously, with a high patient and diligent. If you practice this over the time, day by day, you will do the curve line ball. If you are a left hand, the ball will go curving to the right while if you are a right hand, the ball will curve up to the lift line. You cannot check the length on your throwing ball, but if you practice it in every time and always learning seriously about how to throw correctly, you may get a long curving ball. Read more

Important Techniques and Keys How to Pitch a Baseball

If you want to play a baseball, there are so many techniques that you need to master. One of the most important techniques is pitching. There are many pitches that you can learn so that you need to learn it all. You have to know the techniques how to pitch a baseball. There are some steps and tips that you need to follow so that you can throw a baseball righty. It creates a good throw. If you are interested, you need to follow the following steps and pay attention to these tips.

How to Pitch a Baseball?

1. Throw a Baseball Rightly

Gripping is the key how the throw will be. If you want to throw a curveball, you have to know how to grip a curveball. There are some pitches that you need to try. Different pitches have different grips. You have more options to throw the ball. You can deceive the hitter with the techniques you want. Gripping belongs to one of the most important steps how to pitch a baseball. Read more

Pitching Injury Prevention Tips

Playing baseball is very interesting. You should be ready to be tired because you will move and keep mobile during the game. It has the risk of injury. Most physical games have the risk of injury. If you get injured, you need to treat it and it may take longer time. It will be much better for you to prevent it. The pitcher will be one of the baseball players who will have a higher risk of injury. So, this article will discuss about the tips on pitching injury prevention.

Pitching Injury Prevention

Pay Attention to the Pitch Count

You may play baseball regularly. It does not mean that you can play baseball too often. If you are a pitcher, you have to pay attention to the maximum pitch count. For 10 years old and younger kids, they should be maximally 75 pitches a day. For those who are 11 to 16 years old, they have 95 maximum pitches. If you are 17 years old or older, you should maximally throw 105 pitches. If you throw more pitches from the maximum pitch count, it can cause injury. So, throwing the normal pitches can be good pitching injury prevention. Read more

How to Do Slow Pitch Softball Pitching Drills

Baseball is an interesting game. There are many techniques that may feel difficult and complex to learn. Throwing and hitting are not as simple as you imagine. There are many tricks of throwing and hitting so that it creates the best result. Slow pitching softball is not as popular as a fastball. Slow pitching softball is very important to learn because it can be very tricky to make your opponent confused. This article will discuss about slow pitch softball pitching drills. If you are interested in it, you need to follow this article.

Types of Slow Pitch Softball Pitching Drills

There are many types of slow pitch softball that you have to learn. The first type is a curveball. It is a type of slow pitch softball where the purpose is making the throwing ball curved in the air. The ball will aim to the weak arm of your opponent. It will make your opponent difficult. You have to train yourself about this technique regularly because you need to be patient until you master this technique. This kind of slow pitch softball pitching drills can be one of the best baseball techniques. Read more

Jugs Lite Flite Pitching Machine for Training at Home

If you like playing baseball, you need to have training regularly. Training cannot only be done when your team has training, but you can do it at home. You need at least a partner. If you want to train as the batter, you need a partner as the pitcher. Not every time you will have a partner. There is what is called Jugs Lite Flite pitching machine. It is a machine that functions to throw the baseball automatically. It is very appropriate for a pitcher. Read more

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