3 Common Types of Baseball Pitches to be Learned

Understanding all types of baseball pitches is important for everyone who wants to be a good baseball player. That becomes more important for everyone who wants to focus to be the skilled pitcher. There are so many types of pitches to be learned. Some of them even can be categorized as the hard ones to be practiced. You can start it by understanding all theoretically before you try to practice it in the field.

By theoretically, understanding all types of baseball pitches, people minimally have the basic knowledge about throwing the ball. It is not funny to throw the screwball in the wrong way since the result can be far from the desired one. After understanding it, the more trying is needed for making sure that you get the technique naturally even without thinking about it theoretically. Good pitcher role is really needed to win the game of baseball everywhere and every time.

It can be divided into three variations in general to make an easier way for understanding the variations of baseball pitches. The first one is the fastball. The second type is the breaking balls. The last one is the change ups. All of them have the different functions and effects too. Besides of understanding about the way of throwing it and hitting it, you need to know about the function of each of the types of baseball pitches.

Types of Baseball Pitches

1. The Fastballs Pitching

types of baseball pitchesThere are four common types of the fastball pitching. Since the fastball is the most popular pitches found in a baseball game, these four types of pitches become the basic pitching must be learned even by the beginner. The first two types to be mentioned are the 4 seam and the 2 seam. Both of them are used for making the direct throwing with fast speed. There is no difference between them except in the way of releasing it that gives the little downward direction changing in the latter.

The others are the cutter and the splitter. The cutter is the blending between the slider and the fastball. It can be used for making the effect of giving the unpredictable movement of the ball after it is hit. The speed reached by this technique is slower than the fast 4 seam. The other interesting technique among some types of baseball pitches is the splitter. It is the development of the 2 seam since it gives slighter downward movement that can make the hitter feel confused too.

2. The Breaking Balls Pitching

The breaking balls are the unique techniques than other types of pitches. It even can be hard one for the catcher to catch it. The main characteristic can be noticed from it relates into the sudden movement made as it is released by using the screwball. The same effect can be found from the knuckles or the curveball. The more deadly one to be noticed too is the forkball since it can make the wrong hitting done by the beginner hitter.

3. The Changeups Pitching

There are three types of changeups they are the palm ball, the second is the circle change, and the last one is the super changeup. The first one is done by using the tighter grip of the ball. The second type, as it is described by its name, has the circle in its pitching. The last one is the most interesting one since it is similar into the earlier ones, but it has the larger speed. That becomes the reason for its difference from the fastball. Among some of the types of baseball pitches, the changeups are commonly learned in the last list.

By understanding all of the types of baseball pitches, it becomes easier for a player to be both of the pitcher or the hitter. During the time of becoming the pitcher, the consideration must be done relating to the purpose of the effect gained. At the time becoming the hitter, the kind of the ball thrown can be guessed. It can bring into the right way of gripping the bat too for hitting it. The effect may be gained from understanding the knowledge can give another benefit too, including the possibility of composing the special technique from some available ones mentioned above.

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