Baseball Speed Training Category

For the baseball players who want to increase the speed and athleticism, this information will be useful for you. The speed training can be done by those who want to improve their skill in the term of speed. The training is variously and you don’t have to do all of them. Some of those essential training will be explained as follow.

The training that you can do for improving the skill of speed is the Ketbell snatch and squat jump combo. For this training, you will need availability of the moderately heavy the Ketbell and the willingness to work. The players have to make sure that they have the flat open spaces for working in. The warm up should be done properly. This baseball speed training exercise can be started with performing the series of the one arm Ketbell snatches.

The players have to make sure that they have executed at least 30 for the total of the snatches with 15 for each arm. As soon as the players complete the snatches, they get to the athletic stance and perform the series of 15 for the squat jumps. The players have to make sure that they use the arms for helping with the momentum of the counter movement to get most height out of each continuous jump. Once you have done these, you will be surprises how fun the baseball speed training procedures.

There is Ketbell Rolling Squat Jumps as your program in speed training. You will need the light Ketbell relatively and semi soft surface like big mat or grass. This training can be started by stand the heels to mat. Below are the articles about baseball speed training category: