Slow Pitch Pitching Tips: Great Technique for Great Pitch

Baseball has been famous throughout the ball. No wonder, this sport has been renewed as time goes by. People have discovered more techniques and variations in baseball, which one of them is a slow pitch. It has been played in the United States. As stated in its name, slow pitch doesn’t require quick pitching. The player should not generate sufficient movement in this game. It may not be sensible, but large shots or homeruns can be restricted as long as the players use the proper technique as described in this slow pitch pitching tips.

Essential Elements: Arc, Initial Position, and Grip

Tips for slow pitch pitching deal with some essential elements like arc, initial position, and grip. Those elements are the procedures that every player should understand. The batter can hardly hit longer shots if the arc is greater. The way each player grips the ball can determine the technique which will be used. What about the initial position? It can decide how short or how deep the ball will land. Higher delivery can reduce the ball distance.

Slow Pitch Pitching Tips

3 Basic Pitching Techniques: Straight Pitch

slow pitch pitching tipsBasically, the slow pitch pitching guide focuses on 3 techniques which can produce an ideal pitch. The first technique is the straight pitch. It is often regarded as the simplest technique as it doesn’t require any action. The ball must be placed in a special place as the middle and index finger to get the top part of the ball. The thumb must be in the bottom part of the ball. The middle and index finger should be in contact to each other, side by side to get the right direction. The thumb will direct towards the home plate. Speed can be adjusted to determine the height.

3 Basic Pitching Techniques: Slider Pitch

The next technique in guide for slow pitch pitching is a slider pitch where the middle and index fingers are in the same position with the straight pitch. The thumb should be closer to the fingers. Hold the ball tight. Make sure that the curled fingers are close to the ball and firm. Bring the thumb atop while throwing the ball. Don’t make any other movement. The ball will have opposite direction.

3 Basic Pitching Techniques: Curve Pitch

The third technique is curve pitch that will deliver the right direction for the right-handed ballers. Basically, this technique is quite similar to straight pitch, but the middle finger placement. The middle finger of the left-handed ballers should be well-rested a little bit longer to produce a curve in the left direction. Those three techniques included in slow pitch pitching tips can help you achieve better ball.

Great Grip = Great Pitch

Striking out a batter in slow pitch is a part of slow pitch pitching tips. You need to get the right grip as what has been suggested by Andy Purcell, the pitcher of US national team. Make sure that the ball is held deep in the palm. Thumb and pinky fingers should be wrapped around. Make a good bend for better ball. Then, wind it up by pointing the feet toward the third base. Face the batter by rotating the hips before bending slightly and swinging your arm.

Focus on the Motion and Eye Contact

Then, as one of tips for slow pitch pitching, hold the glove at chest and swing the throwing arm in underhand motion forwardly. Release it as the arm passes the hip and keep the eye focused behind the game plate. Use the palm to pop out the ball and make a spin to get a predictable angle. Finally, you can strike the batter out. Playing slow pitch baseball deals with hitting the mat behind the plate instead of throwing the ball over the plate. Make a hard pitch to hit by throwing the ball below 12 feet. Therefore, the batter can hardly hit your ball.

All about High Score and Big Hits

Finally, slow pitch pitching tips are about slow pitch baseball, which deals with high scores and big hits. A slow pitch pitcher can be regarded as good pitchers if they play smartly. They must find chances by using batters’ aggressiveness and getting a great hitter out in critical situations. Getting batters out at the crucial moments is the key of this game. This game will be much fun and attractive as everyone loves it.

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