How to Throw A Curveball: To Be A Good Pitcher

Throw a perfect ball is the key to win a baseball game. The baseball players must be mastering the techniques to throw the ball perfectly. They will give the best game for the both teams. There are two types of ball. There are a fastball and a curveball. A good pitcher must master these types of ball. A good pitcher must be able to use the right ball for the right chance. He must know when the best time to throw a curveball is and when the best time to throw a fastball is. Before learning how to throw a curveball, it will be better if we learn about the fastball. We can find the best chance to apply throwing a curveball tip.

What is a Fastball?

The fastball is the perfect ball to get a strike. Your arms must be very strong to throw the best fastball. The back leg must be pushed off. The pitcher must have the best aim. He can throw a fastball quickly and perfectly. Throw a fastball is pretty different to how to throw a curveball. The pitcher must not lob the ball. Make sure that the ball is passing through your friend as you play a Long Toss. Try some bounces for a straight throw. It is much better than a lob throw which does not bounce. Lactic acid can hurt your arm. All you have to do is running to solve this problem. The power can be gained from your legs as they build strength.

Stamina: The Determinant of a Fastball

The other important factor in throwing a fastball is stamina. You can throw the ball fast by having a good stamina. You can run faster. Power is very essential for the fastball. It needs more velocity, so having a good stamina is very required. You can gain the best stamina by doing some simple exercises like planks and push up as they are included in how to throw a curveball. These exercises can help you increase the core strength.

Throw a curveball includes the muscle building tips. Use a medicine ball to toss around to build your muscle. For best result, use heavier medicine ball. Try these exercises until you get the best way to throw the fastball. After you learn the fastball, throwing technique, the next thing to do is learning how to throw a curveball.

How to Throw A Curveball?

how to throw a curveballLearn how to throw a curveball is the next thing to learn after the fastball. Those two types of ball can make you a good pitcher with such a good skill. If the curveball is thrown, it will be pretty similar with the fastball. It will spin in the opposite direction. Before reaching the hitter, a curveball will break. It’s an amazing technique. As a curveball is different from a fastball, some pitchers may think that tips to throw a curveball are more stressful than throwing a fastball. It is a wrong assumption. The American Sports Medicine Institute in Birmingham has proven it by conducting a study. The result shows that curveball, which is thrown correctly is not more stressful than throwing a fastball.

As those two types of ball are equal and important, a good pitcher must be able to throw those types of ball correctly. The main thing to throw a curveball is about the waist. As you throw your curveball, the wrist must never be turned on any breaking pitch. The pitcher should realize his body condition as he is throwing the ball. Turn the waist can cause some problems for the elbow. So, let’s learn the types of steps to throw a curveball.

The Beginners’ Curveball

If you are a beginner, you have to learn how to throw a curveball for beginners. It is the opposite of a fastball. It will spin from top to bottom, while a fastball will spin backwardly as it spins to the top from the bottom. A beginner should follow these directions To do this technique. The index finger should be left off as you grip a baseball. It is like the way you point at something. The middle finger should be placed along the baseball bottom seam. The thumb should be on the back seat and rotate it upwardly as you throw it. The index finger must point the target as the middle finger should snap downwardly. This technique will be very helpful in aligning your hand and ball to your goal.

The Straight Curveball

One of the most common breaking ball grips in baseball is the straight curveball. This technique is a variation of the knuckle curveball and the beginners curveball. As you have mastered the beginner curveball, it will be easier to do this technique. Both of these techniques, share some similar principles and both of them do not have any significant difference. Things that are different are only the index finger placement. Make sure that the pitcher’s thumb is rotating upwardly as the index and middle fingers are rotated down. Bring the elbow of the hand you use to throw the ball to the opposite hip to get a long arc declaration.

Things to Consider

As you are learning the grip techniques, there are some important things to do. Apply fingernail strengthener or nail polish in a thin coat. The shiny finishes could strengthen your fingernails. Fingernail strengthener or nail polish can make your fingernails tougher. Apply it on your index fingers.

The hitter has some chances to know if you are going to throw a curveball. Soon as he knows, he will prepare himself to change is speed and drop. Hide the pitch is very important before throwing it. The glove should surely cover your hand as you grip the ball. The opponent team cannot see your ball. That’s one important fact you will find in how to throw a curveball.

How to Wind Up and Throw the Pitch

Follow these directions to wind up and to throw the pitch. The dominant foot of yours should be placed on the rubber. The opposite knee should be lifted and the hips should be rotated forward as the ball is going to be thrown. The best position of the ball is level with your arm or above the arm. Bend the elbow at 90 degree angle. These directions are similar to the things you’ve learned in fastball because basically how to throw a curveball share the similar principle with the fastball.

After read this article, you can learn about increase pitching velocity.

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