Rotator Cuff Exercises to Relieve Shoulder Joint Injury

If you lift something weight, it may cause the risk of joint injury. One of the joints with the highest risk of injury is shoulder. You need to do exercises, especially that relates to shoulder joint. If you have a shoulder joint injury, you can relieve it with some exercise. The exercises should be chosen wisely. There are many exercises that are recommended for you to relieve your shoulder joint injury. We will discuss about rotator cuff exercises in this article. If you have an injury on your shoulder joints, you can follow these exercises.

9 Rotator Cuff Exercises

1. Doorway Stretch

One of the rotator cuff exercises is doorway stretch. It is very effective to relieve your shoulder joint injury. You do not need to go to a gym to do this exercise. Then, you can do it anywhere, including at home. You can start by standing in front of a doorway. Hold the door frame with your hands. Stretch your shoulder by pulling your body forward so that your shoulder joints will be stretched as well. Read more

Rotator Cuff Tear – Symptoms, Treatment and Exercises

Rotator cuff tear is known as the rupture of one of cuff tendons. Most tendon is torn where those attaches to the Humeral Head of Humerus or the bone of the upper arm. There are about four cuff muscles which each with the tendon attaches to the Humerus. The tear happens on the tendon which is called as Supraspinitus tendon. This is classified as either full or partial thickness. In the case of the partial tear the tendons are damaged, but those damages will not extend completely through the tendons. The full thickness will extend through all tendons which can be torn away from the bones.

The causes of rotator cuff tear

Before going to talk about the causes of rotator cuff tear, you better known about the types firstly. There are two kinds of rotator cuff tear distinct type. Those are chronic tear and acute tears. For the chronic tear, it is caused by the injury with the gradual onset over the times. The acute tear is caused by the identifiable accident or trauma. Both of them have lots of others causes. For the acute tears, it can be possibly caused by the car crashes, trips, slips or falls and the tears which are caused as lifting the heavy weights. The acute tear is the most common form on the age under 40. Read more

Pitching Injury Prevention Tips

Playing baseball is very interesting. You should be ready to be tired because you will move and keep mobile during the game. It has the risk of injury. Most physical games have the risk of injury. If you get injured, you need to treat it and it may take longer time. It will be much better for you to prevent it. The pitcher will be one of the baseball players who will have a higher risk of injury. So, this article will discuss about the tips on pitching injury prevention.

Pitching Injury Prevention

Pay Attention to the Pitch Count

You may play baseball regularly. It does not mean that you can play baseball too often. If you are a pitcher, you have to pay attention to the maximum pitch count. For 10 years old and younger kids, they should be maximally 75 pitches a day. For those who are 11 to 16 years old, they have 95 maximum pitches. If you are 17 years old or older, you should maximally throw 105 pitches. If you throw more pitches from the maximum pitch count, it can cause injury. So, throwing the normal pitches can be good pitching injury prevention. Read more