Pitching from the Stretch: The Stage from the Set Position

Do you love playing baseball? Baseball is one of the famous sports that are loved by some people. It will be a great sport in order to decrease your stress and getting back your spirit. However, it is also nice when you know the theory and technique of baseball in order to play this game well. Here, we will talk about the stage of position as the branch of pitching from the stretch. There are several positions that you need to know in this pitching menu. Are you curious with it?


Before you train yourself in pitching menu, you need to do some preparations. Yes, the preparation is important in order to make your training well and you can increase your technique. In preparation, you need to prepare its equipment, such as stick and others. In other hand, you also need to prepare the condition of your body by doing some warming up. You need to know that warming up will make your body and muscle is ready to get the hard training. After the preparation, now let us see the position of the pitching you need to know.


pitching from the stretchFor the first matter, you need to know the pre-engage position. It is one of the basic techniques of pitching that every baseball player should know it well. This position is one of the most important matters for the young pitcher, who is taught in the first straddling in pitching. By accepting this position in pitching, the young baseball player is still in the field. So, they can quickly throw from the base without penalty. Of course, some trainings will make you understand this position well.

Engage the rubber

The second position of pitching from the stretch engages the rubber. It is the continuity from the previous paragraph. In this position, the young baseball player should move their pivot foot. The move of the pivot foot is proper to be done well because it will influence their pitching. Now, the young baseball player is a pitcher. So, they have a limited movement. They are not free about what they want to do. In this case, they can continue the sequence of a baseball player as its rules.

Go into the stretch

After the engage the rubber, the next kind of the position of pitching from the stretch, which you need to know is going into the stretch. It is also the continuity from the previous step. As the baseball player, you need to take a sign from the catcher. There are many ways, which you can use in taking the sign. The pitcher will take the sign of them from the position that they can handle.

Come set

The come set becomes the next position that you need to know well. It comes after the signing of the pitcher as it is said in the previous paragraph. What will we do in this part of pitching in baseball? In this position, the pitcher needs to draw himself and he needs to bring his hand with the ball together. What the baseball player should know about the position of pitching is the position of the body. It is important because it will influence the quality of the ball throwing.


Based on some points as above, we all know that there are some pitching positions, which you need to know. Knowing the kind of the position is important in order to get the best result in playing baseball. There are several additional things, which you need to know. For the first, it is important for you to keep the good condition of your body. It is nice for you to consume some best foods to increase the energy of you. In other hand, you also need to do warm up before playing baseball.

Training is one of the most important things. By doing the regular training, you will be a great player of baseball. When you want to be a master in the pitching from the stretch, you need to have a regular training. It will be nice when you also have a together training with the other player with the higher ability than you do.

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