3 Best Portable Pitching Mound Reviews

Portable pitching mound is designed for meeting baseball league or training specifications. It is constructed from reinforced fiberglass engineered for any unlimited play. Such kind of portable mound product is as vital as equipment where the game is set. The choice of it determines how the game will be and how the player will feel. It is important to select the best mound among many offers provided to you. You can consider the model, the material and more about the mound you will choose. It has certain specifications that make it qualified as your best choice.

Portable Pitching Mound Reviews

1. Dr K’s Allstar Portable Game Mound and Youth Training Fiberglass Pitching Mound with Green Turf

Dr K's Allstar Portable Game Mound and Youth Training Fiberglass Portable Pitching MoundAre you looking a perfect portable pitching mound? You may be surfing to get the expected mound in your game and it can be this one. It is made from six pieces that is individual easily interlocking for completing whole mound. Such individual pieces may allow for this pitching mound item to be something portable and  a baseball field that is possible to be transformed to any desired playing field. The feature includes artificial turf adhering to each fiberglass mound piece. Another beneficial thing about this one is that it requires only little maintenance. This is really great for long use maintenance in effortless way.

As an item specialized for baseball hobby, this portable pitching mound is amazing. There is no design of the lip for eliminating bad bounce risk. It is appropriate to be functioning as either portable pitching mound for training or competition. It is available with a design adapted to grass, dirt, and artificial surfaces of turf. Based on the dimensions, it is 47″ W x 61″ L x 4″ tall whereas the weight is 50 lbs. It appears in fresh look with clay, nylon or green Astro turf. A removable white pitching block made of rubber can be found here in 4″ x 18″.

Based on the need for every young player, this is perfect to choose because it is proper for everyone beginning to utilize mounds. This will be great for every practice. It is light, strong and easy to move. It is composite constructed, all fiberglass and no wood or Styrofoam in the portable pitching mound material. Some of those materials have the best quality available. What makes it more exciting is the fact about every inch of it is made with a deep passion in baseball and intimate fiberglass engineering knowledge at whole levels. The pitching mound provides a long lasting practice mound with pitching that is consistent.

You can visit the link below to get more Dr K’s Allstar Portable Game Mound and Youth Training Fiberglass Pitching Mound details or to check the price.

Dr K’s Allstar Portable Game Mound and Youth Training Fiberglass Pitching Mound with Green Turf

2. Pitch Pro Portable Game Mound

Pitch Pro Portable Game MoundThis second portable pitching mound may match your qualification. Have 4′ wide x 6′ long x 6 high and 65 lbs, this item is proper for any age. This is the first number choice for many tournament directors in the US. The features characterize easy to move, lightweight, versatile, and extremely durable that makes this one having good characteristics as a recommended mound. A 10 year guarantee for the product definitely tells you how superior the quality is. Due to the size, partial nesting ability and the lightweight, it is enough to prove it as the first number choice by many tournament directors.

This pitching mound transports a lot of mounds to several fields. It is great for 8-12 ages to transition to get from a pitch of the machine and a pitch of kid. A lot of teams use it for certain ages of player up to 14. If you see this item, you will know that there are thin edges intended for safe playing. That thin edge around it allows the pitcher not to turn his ankles when he is stepping off that mound. Such thin edge can prevent your ball from bad bounces due to hit the edge. It is conceived at the bottom to make the edges lie tight on the ground.

Another thing to say about this recommended portable pitching mound is that it is great for any games, practice, and warm up. Your duty just carries the pitching mound in your center field and then instantly converting a softball field into baseball. It can easily be moved either forward or backward in making the portable field perfect for any kids in distinctive age groups. Such kind of field is often chosen by many Churches, private organizations, personal use and recreation department. Try out this strong fiberglass mound and there is difference in the long term to make for a baseball game.

You can visit the link below to get more Pitch Pro Portable Game Mound details or to check the price.

Pitch Pro Portable Game Mound

3. ProMounds Portable Baseball Pitching Training Mound

ProMounds Portable Baseball Pitching TRAINING MoundThe next portable pitching mound is made from foam having high density. It is protected by ProMounds Armor Technology with Rubber. It features extremely portable, durable and lightweight mound. In some places like clinics, camp and backyard training, this choice is great. It is used at any college levels for indoor spot drill work, including pitcher’s practice, pickoff plays and bunt defense. You have to note that it is not compatible to use with any metal cleats. For the dimensions, it is 4″ x 36″ x36″ and the weight is 21 lbs.

If you are looking for portable pitching mound that is good but not expensive, it can be your best choice. There are two colors of turf that is available, such as green and clay. Starting to the backyard mound, it is well built and sturdy enough. The downside of this one is that the product slopes off to the back and each side from very close to the used rubber. This makes the pitching from a windup sort of awkward. Either side or back where the rocker step takes place are definitely stepping downhill using the rocker step.

It is a very good practice mound for the backyard. It will not give any problems to your kids who are starting to train using this mound. The product is excellent in which it is possible to use on both of the sides. The tear and wear factor will go down significantly.

You can visit the link below to get more ProMounds Portable Baseball Pitching TRAINING Mound details or to check the price.

ProMounds Portable Baseball Pitching TRAINING Mound – CLAY colored Turf

Portable pitching mound options that we have explained above are an excellent product for any users who want to join in baseball league or just practice. There is no issues or problem with their design and baseball pitching mound really work based on your need. Each of them is for long term use because they are durable and strong, but easy to maintain. If you don’t have to maintain it, you can call the professional to help you maintain it to save your time and effort. You can put it backyard and it will be a great playing spot for your personal use at home.

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