Pitching Injury Prevention Tips

Playing baseball is very interesting. You should be ready to be tired because you will move and keep mobile during the game. It has the risk of injury. Most physical games have the risk of injury. If you get injured, you need to treat it and it may take longer time. It will be much better for you to prevent it. The pitcher will be one of the baseball players who will have a higher risk of injury. So, this article will discuss about the tips on pitching injury prevention.

Pitching Injury Prevention

Pay Attention to the Pitch Count

You may play baseball regularly. It does not mean that you can play baseball too often. If you are a pitcher, you have to pay attention to the maximum pitch count. For 10 years old and younger kids, they should be maximally 75 pitches a day. For those who are 11 to 16 years old, they have 95 maximum pitches. If you are 17 years old or older, you should maximally throw 105 pitches. If you throw more pitches from the maximum pitch count, it can cause injury. So, throwing the normal pitches can be good pitching injury prevention.

Take Enough Rest

Play baseball too hard will make you feel tired. This overtraining can cause injury. Prevent pitching injury can be done by taking enough rest. It depends on how often you play baseball. Besides that, it also relates to how old you are. After you know the suggested rest for you, you have to follow it so that you have enough rest and you will not get injured. It belongs to one of the best tips for pitching injury prevention.

Be careful with Pitching Types

There are many types of pitching and different pitching types have different minimum ages. Fastball allows for those who are minimally 8 years old. Change up is allowed for those who are 10 years old or more. Curveball is allowed for those who are 14 years old or older. Knuckleball is allowed for you who are minimally 15 years old. The slider is only for those who are older than 16 years old. And screwball is allowed if you are 17 years old or older. This rule can be useful for pitching injury prevention.

pitching injury preventionDo Not Throw If You Feel Pain

You do not care about your easy pain. If you feel pain on your shoulder or your elbow. You should treat is as soon as possible before you play the baseball again. It can be pitching injury preventing that you should follow. If you get to do it while you feel pain, it can cause your pain getting worse and even becomes a serious injury that will need longer time for the recovery. You need to treat any little pain because it becomes one of the most important tips for pitching injury prevention.

Do Not Be Overtraining

If you want to improve your baseball skill, you need to follow coaching or training regularly. You have to pay attention to the duration of your baseball training. You do not care about it and you still do training even though you are tired. It will be overtraining. If you are overtraining and do not take a rest and even you play baseball, especially related to pitching. It can increase the risk of injury.

Warm Up before Playing Baseball

Everything should be started with warm up, especially if it relates to sports or games. Baseball is a kind of physical game so that warming up is very important. It purposes to prevent pitching injury. Warming up can make your muscles more flexible. If you want to throw the baseball, your muscles will not be tight. With flexible joint and muscles, it becomes pitching injury prevention. Warming up should not only be done before you play baseball. Before you do coaching or training, you also need to do warm up.

Control Your Body Weight

People who are fat are difficult to move and keep mobile. If you are fat and you are forced to play baseball where it requires many movements, it can danger your shoulder, elbow or other parts of your body. If you want to prevent the injury, you need to control your body weight. You may need to have diet to control your body weight. If you like sports, you can find the best exercises for weight loss such as cardio exercises.

Do Not Play for More than One Team of Baseball in a Season

If you like baseball, you may consider playing for more than one team of baseball. It can increase your hour flight of playing baseball and increase your baseball skill. It is not recommended for you. If you play baseball for more than one team, it can increase the risk of injury especially pitching injury. It will be better for you to focus on one baseball team only.

Do Not Play Other Physical Sports or Games

You may have more than one hobby. You like playing baseball and football. Can you play both of them? If you just play those sports for fun, it may not be a problem. If you play those sports in intensive game or competition, it is not recommended. You have to focus on one of them. If you want to focus on baseball, it will be better for you not to play football.

Those are the tips that you can follow if you want to prevent injury for pitchers. By following these tips, it does not mean that will never get injured. It can reduce the risk of injury. Hopefully those tips on pitching injury prevention will be useful for anyone who is interested in playing baseball.

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