Tips and Techniques How to Throw Different Pitches

Baseball is an interesting sport that is popularized in America. It is popular over the world now. Baseball is identical to pitching. Pitching can be the key to win the baseball game. There are many pitches that you need to learn if you want to master playing baseball. Different pitches have different techniques. It relates to the grips. If you want to be a good baseball player, you need to learn how to throw different pitches. We will discuss about it in this article.

How to Throw Different Pitches

How to Throw a 4 Seam Fastball

The first baseball pitch that you need to learn is four seam fastball. How to throw four seam baseball? You have to place your index as well as middle fingertips to grip this fastball on the baseball seam that is perpendicular directing. You have to make sure that horseshoe seam face of your ring. Place the thumb under the baseball. This pitching will not rise so that it is difficult. It will be a good technique to use in playing baseball.

How to Throw a 2 Seam Fastball

You need to know to throw a 2 seam fastball. This is one of the most interesting pitches in a baseball game that is common to apply. Compared to the 4 seam fastball, it is tighter as well as deeper. Your index finger should be on the top of the baseball narrow seams with your middle finger to throw this fastball. Your thumb should be on the bottom of the baseball between the baseball’s narrow seams. You should throw it 1 up to 3 miles per hour slower that 4-seam fastball to get the best result.

how to throw different pitchesHow to Throw a 3 Finger Changeup

Throw different pitches includes 3 finger changeup. This pitch is appropriate for young pitchers or anyone whose hands are not big enough. This pitching requires you to place your index, middle, and ring fingers on the baseball top. Your pinky finger and thumb should be in the leather underneath your baseball. It is easy how to throw a 3 finger changeup, is not it?

How to Throw a Circle Changeup

If you want to deceive the hitter, one of the best pitching techniques is circle changeup. It belongs to one of the best ideas how to throw different pitches. You have to pay attention to the grip to do this baseball pitch. Your thumb and index fingers should make a circle, whereas the 3 other fingers should be at the center of the baseball. You have to throw it like fastball as well. The more often you practice this pitching, the better the result will be. You can changeup the baseball direction and the hitter will be deceived.

How to Throw a Palm Ball

The next pitching technique in a baseball game is a palm ball or well known as 4 finger changeup. It belongs to the changeup variations and it belongs to off speed pitches. It becomes one of the greatest strategies, how to throw different pitches. You need to wrap the baseball with all your fingers where your ring and index fingers are on the baseball either side, making it balanced and your thumb should be below the baseball directly. You need to throw it as same as fastball to make a good pitching. It is simply how to throw a palm ball, is not it?

How to Throw a Curveball for Beginners

Curveball belongs to one of the trickiest technique of pitching in baseball. You can start from the beginners curveball. It is easy to learn. You just need to grip it well with your index finger off. It functions to aim the target of the baseball. Your middle finger should be placed on the back of the baseball seam. When you throw it, the thumb must rotate upward.

How to Throw a Straight Curveball

The higher level of curveball is straight curveball. It will be easier after you learn beginner curveball. This baseball pitching is well known as overhead curveball. It belongs to the most common techniques used in playing baseball. You have to learn how to throw different pitches, including this baseball pitching. The thumb should be placed upward and rotated up when your index and middle fingers are rotated down. This technique can be considered as one of the best techniques in baseball pitching.

How to Throw a Knuckle Curveball

Another curveball is knuckle curveball. It is needed to learn because it is the most advanced technique of baseball pitching. It is well known as spike curve. You have to know how to grip it to throw this pitch. It is difficult because you need to tuck the index finger back into the baseball seam. The key of this baseball pitch is on the rotation that you can make when you throw the baseball. So, you have to practice it as often as possible.

How to Throw a Slider

Another best pitching technique is a slider. It can be considered as the best baseball pitch. It is the third fastest baseball pitch. So, it belongs to the techniques how to throw different pitches that you should practice. You need to place the baseball long seam between your middle and index fingers and your thumb should be one the opposite baseball seam. The key is that you should hold the baseball off center slightly (read more articles about how to throw a slider).

That is all how to throw different pitches that you need to learn by practicing them as often as you can. By practicing those techniques of baseball pitching, you can master baseball fast. Hopefully this will be a useful reference for you who want to be a good baseball pitcher.

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