2 Seam Fastball – The Simple Fastball and the Simple Spin

There are some techniques of baseball pitches that are classified based on its level of difficulty to be learned. Some can be assumed as the hard ones while some others can be learned by everyone easily. One of the types to be categorized as the latter is the 2 seam fastball. This one is not too hard to be learned when it is compared into the 4 seam. The beginner can learn it in their starting moment and it is easy to be successful.

The idea of becoming great baseball player can be started by learning this 2 seam fastball. Besides, you must learn so much about some rules and the other types of the pitches on baseball. Among the circle of the fastball itself, there are some others, including the four seam fastball, the cutter, and the splitter. After that, there are the changups and the breaking pitches too with so many variations like the curveball and the slider. The different type needs the different technique too for being thrown.

You cannot learn all of them at the same time. It is possible that you start with the simplest one that is the 2 seam fastball before you continue into the four seams. Becoming a great baseball player needs great thought and at the same time need the patience to train more and more. You can start by learning about it theoretically and understanding deeper about it after that. Trust your skill and you will be great one in the future or even the best pitcher in your team.

A Brief Explanation about Fastball

2 seam fastballThere are four common fastballs in baseball. The first one is the four seams, then the 2 seam fastball, the cutter or called as the cut fastball too, and the splitter or called as the split finger. The two seams are often called as the most popular one along with the four seams. There is the similarity between them too. Some coaches even said that when you can throw the 4 seam it will be easy to for you for learning the 2 seam. You can trust it for increasing your spirit to learn this throwing.

The difference between four seams and two seam fastball can be directed into its speed. The speed of the latter is slower than the earlier. That becomes the reason why the earlier is oftener used by the people during the game. Besides, the latter has a specific movement into downward slightly. That cannot be found in the fast movement of the 4 seam. The similarity between them can be directed into the way of gripping it.

The two other types of fastball that are the cutter and the splitter have the different specific aspects too. For the cutter, its difference from the 2 seam fastball relates into more movement proposed slighter. The way for gripping it is so different from the 2 seam. For the splitter, the movement of the ball is maximized. The fastball is the unique one since in the beginning, it can be seen as a similar one into the common fastball. The sudden downward can be made by using the different technique during the time of throwing it.

The Simple Way for Throwing It

There is only a simple way to be explained relating to the way of throwing the fastball. If you have understood the way of gripping to throw the 4 seam, you can start by doing the same. The difference can be directed into the position of your fingers. You must make your fingers to be parallel into the seams. To make a spin by using the 2 seam fastball, there must be the two contacts made in the seam. If the spin is stronger, it can be the curve ball completely.

By looking into the explanation above, you can see that it is really easy to learn the 2 seam fastball theoretically and practically. You can minimize your time and give more attention for learning other fastballs. To make it simpler to understand, this one is positioned between the 4 seam and the curve ball.

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