Rotator Cuff Injury: Physical Therapy and Surgery

The rotator cuff injury can quite occur because the overuse in sports like swimming, tennis, baseball, gymnastics, even also just in the workplace. This depends on the job which can potentially cause the falls. The rotator cuff is made up by four muscles. This can be infraspinatus, teres minor, subscapularis, and supraspinatus. Those are not only responsible toward the movements of shoulders and keep the Humerus against shoulder blade as well as stabilize shoulder joints.

The scope of rotator cuff injury

The injury can happen to any of the four muscles on the shoulders. Those injuries can begin as small as the tingle and it works up to the unbearably pain levels. It will much more than likely be down to the specific instance like the falls or the over stretching. The rotator cuff injury scope can differ from one person with others. This can include only one of four muscles even also multiple muscles. This rotator cuff injury can be simple only as the inflammation or worse, like the tear in the muscle.

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It will heal on its own or it will be worst even requires the surgery for the treatment. Things must be noted that the rotator cuff injury can be potentially fairly minor even awfully serious. The judgment only can be made by the professional doctor.

The symptoms of rotator cuff injury

rotator cuff injuryThe rotator cuff injury symptoms are the presence of pain. It tends to be the pain on the shoulder areas which can increase as raising the arm above the head. This can increase as you lift the heavy load. The pain of rotator cuff injury will tend to increase at the night time in bed as the sufferers lye on an injured shoulder. In the worst cases, you can find the pain will be constant. Another symptom can be weakened feeling in the arms. The arms feel difficult to move because the muscles are frozen and amount of the movements can be limited.

Rotator cuff injury: people on risk

People who can potentially affect the rotator cuff injury are those who have the jobs where there is the heavy lifting included or if the repetitive movement of arms is necessary specifically if these involve the moving arms up higher over the back and head. The elderly are at higher risk for this injury due to down to the weakened state of the muscle strength and the shortened range of motions. People who do the particular types of sport can be at the increased risk for this injury.

The treatments for rotator cuff injury

While the symptoms of this injury are present, this is imperative to look for the rotator cuff physical therapy. This type of treatment is recommended at first. It has less risk as it is compared with the surgery treatment. The doctors will do some necessary test for finding out whether you are affected the rotator cuff injury or not and then determine how severe that injury. They will give the advice on the next courses of actions. The advices that the X-ray scan or the others will be needed for seeing the full extent of damages.

Rotator Cuff Physical Therapy

rotator cuff physical therapyThe rotator cuff injury is one of the pains happen in your shoulder. This kind of the pain will disturb you when you want to do your activity. This pain may happen because of lifting the heavy weight. It may happen because of the accident or falling. We will directly talk about the rotator cuff physical therapy to treat this problem. I have some matters you can do. I hope it will help you.

Doorway stretch

We know that the rotator cuff physical problem will cause your shoulder and arm pain. You can apply the doorway stretch to ease the pain. It is one of the rotator cuff physical therapy, which is easy to do in your home. The doorway stretch will teach the muscle and the tendon in your shoulder to be more elastic. You can do the doorway stretch regularly. Don’t be overstretching to doing this because it can cause the other problem.

Side lying external rotation

The second thing that can be treated to ease your shoulder pain is the side lying external rotation. It is one of an effective way, which you can do. The side lying external rotation will be useful to ease the pain and it is one of the homey rotator cuff physical therapy. You just need to lie down on the side opposite your injured arm to do it. Bend the injured elbow to 90 degrees and rest the elbow in your side. Please repeat it three sets and do it regularly.

High to low rows

The high to low rows can be the other kind of the rotator cuff physical therapy, which you can do to ease the pain. This treatment is useful to ease the rotator cuff physical problem. The way to do this matter is easy. You just need to rise and to lower your arm. The aim of this treatment is to stretch the muscle inside your shoulders. You need to be careful and do not be overstretching to do this.

Lawn mower pull

The last kind of the rotator cuff physical therapy is the lawn mower pull. It is kind of an easy therapy, which you can do in your home. You can stand your feet shoulder width apart to do this therapy. Keep your other hand on your hip. You just need to do the deed as a lawn mower in slow motion. You need to do it slowly because the jerking will cause the worse injury in your shoulders.

There are some kinds of the treatment, which you can do to ease the pain. Know some kinds of the rotator cuff physical therapy can be the way to avoid the worse risk of it. Call the doctor when you need the special treatment because of the more serious problem.

The Rotator Cuff Surgery and the Recovery Ways

rotator cuff surgeryThe rotator cuff is one of the serious problems in the shoulder. We need to avoid this problem happen to us. This problem will disturb our activity. We will talk about some kinds of the rotator cuff physical therapy. There are some kinds of the therapy, you can choose to treat the pain. When you have the serious problem in your shoulders, you may have the rotator cuff surgery. We will talk about the surgery one below.

The kinds in surgery

The reason why you need to face the rotator cuff surgery is the serious problem, which happen more than 6 months. Before deciding to have the surgery, it is better for you to check the real condition of your shoulder. The doctor will use the x-rays to know the details of the rotator cuff problem in your shoulder. It will be effective because the x-ray will show the broken muscle and tendon in the display.

You will have some kinds of it in the surgery. The doctor will start by removing the loose fragment of tendon and others. It will be useful to cut off the cause of the problem in your shoulder. As the next rotator cuff surgery, the doctor will make more room of the rotator. It maintains the condition of your shoulder. The doctor will do such as rearranging the position of the muscle and the tendon.

The kinds of recovery ways

After doing the surgery, the best thing that you should do is the recovery. The recovery is important because it will give back the strength of your shoulder after rotator cuff surgery. There are some kinds of the recovery ways. The first is the physical therapy. You need to do some exercises to get back your strength in your shoulder because of rotator cuff problem. You can start by doing the light exercise as yoga.

Do not forget to pay more attention about the mental recovery. Some people face the new problem after the rotator cuff surgery. Sometimes the surgery will cause the trauma. The mental recovery is needed to ease the trauma. There are several kinds of the mental recovery you can do. The simplest one is gathering with your family. It will give more warmth and support after the surgery.

You need to know the cause and the symptoms of rotator cuff injury. You can avoid yourself from the rotator cuff surgery. Then, you can start to be more careful in doing any kind of your daily activity. Do not force yourself, especially in lifting some things. See the doctor as soon as possible to avoid the more serious problem.

Rotator Cuff Surgery Recovery Time

rotator cuff surgery recovery timeThe rotator cuff is one of the common things, but can be a serious problem in your shoulder. The surgery can be the best treatment to ease the pain. The surgery maybe becomes something terrible, but it will be effective for you. After having the surgery as the rotator cuff physical therapy, it will be great when we talk about the several of the rotator cuff surgery recovery time. The recovery becomes something important in the way to give back the strength of your shoulder. What are the kinds of it? Let us talk it below.

Post operative to 6 weeks

Talk about the rotator cuff surgery recovery time, the first thing about it is the post operative to 6 weeks. It is the first period of the rotator cuff surgery recovery. The surgery will cause some new problems,. You need to be strong in facing it. The doctor will ask you to avoid the heavy activity, which has the correlation with your arm and shoulder. You need to try to ease the pain, which occurs in your shoulders.

The doctor will ask you to wear such as the blanket on your shoulder. Using the blanket in this rotator cuff surgery recovery time is useful because the blanket will give more warmth to your shoulder. The more warmth inside your shoulder will be something great to ease the pain there. As I have said before, it is nice when you decrease the contact with the muscle in your shoulder. The rotator cuff surgery recovery is your time to take more rest than before.

The 6 to 12 weeks

The second of rotator cuff surgery recovery time is the 6 to 12 weeks. It is the continuity of the previous recovery. You are still avoiding to do some movement with your shoulder, especially with sudden movement. The most important thing is having the stronger shoulder. You can keep using the blanket. You can try to stretch your shoulder too with the slow motion. Remember to be careful there.

The 3 to 6 month

3 to 6 month is the last kind of the recovery time after the surgery. You will have the normal shoulder as you want. Then, you need to train your shoulder before getting the normal one. You can start to do some exercises with your shoulder. Start with the easy one because you need the new adaptation after the surgery.

Based on the explanations above, you know some kinds of the rotator cuff surgery recovery time. When it is needed, you can ask the doctor to help you. I am sure that the doctor always has any recommendation on the way to help you in getting back the strength of your shoulders and arms.

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