Rotator Cuff Tear – Symptoms, Treatment and Exercises

Rotator cuff tear is known as the rupture of one of cuff tendons. Most tendon is torn where those attaches to the Humeral Head of Humerus or the bone of the upper arm. There are about four cuff muscles which each with the tendon attaches to the Humerus. The tear happens on the tendon which is called as Supraspinitus tendon. This is classified as either full or partial thickness. In the case of the partial tear the tendons are damaged, but those damages will not extend completely through the tendons. The full thickness will extend through all tendons which can be torn away from the bones.

The causes of rotator cuff tear

Before going to talk about the causes of rotator cuff tear, you better known about the types firstly. There are two kinds of rotator cuff tear distinct type. Those are chronic tear and acute tears. For the chronic tear, it is caused by the injury with the gradual onset over the times. The acute tear is caused by the identifiable accident or trauma. Both of them have lots of others causes. For the acute tears, it can be possibly caused by the car crashes, trips, slips or falls and the tears which are caused as lifting the heavy weights. The acute tear is the most common form on the age under 40.

For the chronic tears, it is associated with several numbers of factors. This can be overused, the gradual weakening of tendons, poor blood supply, impingement, and advancing age. The fairly usual sequences of event have been established. Those include when we are growing older. We will use less shoulder the cuff muscles and the tendons which are getting weaker. The shoulders will get unstable. The humeral heads are allowed to ride up. The cuffs will be impinged or squashed and the tendons will be weaker graded, and finally the rotator cuff tear happens. The causes are not so defined clearly.

rotator cuff tearFor the acute tear, it occurs due to the underlying chronic condition. People with the weakening cuffs suffer the minor trauma like the fall. The fall can be unlikely to cause any kind of damages to the healthy cuff. It is because of the underlying problem as the results of the presence of rotator cuff tear.

Rotator Cuff Tear Symptoms

Talk about the symptoms of tear, there are lots of kinds which are reported regularly. It is possible for everyone to experience different rotator cuff tear symptoms with the others. The symptoms of a rotator cuff tear can be muscle weakness, cracking, grating or catching sensations or noises. People experience the pain. It can vary enormously. Other symptoms can be night pain which can affect the sleep patterns and limited range of the arm movements.

The symptoms will be different for each person. Although the symptoms range and the areas affected are well known. Those are different. The main symptoms are separated to be two major areas. Those are the rotator cuff pain and the shoulder weakness.

The pain

In the first of two main symptoms, it is namely as pain. This is essential to remember that several people will suffer no pain at all as they are getting a rotator cuff tear. The symptoms are the asymptomatic. Some studies have shown that there are lots of people who suffer the cuff tears and they never complain about any kind of pain.

Others thing that must be remembered is there are lots of people that start to experience weakness and pain on the shoulders even before the tear happens. The early onset is indicated by the generalized aching of shoulders and pains as raising the arms out from the body. The pains are being mild and just present with the overhead activities like lifting or reaching. The pain to be the noticeable at rest or without activity at all.

The pains experienced can be severe specifically on the case of the complete rupture. The pain is felt in front of the shoulders and this can radiate the down side of the arm as far as the fingers. As the cuffs are torn completely, severe pain can happen. This remains constant even only at rest. The sufferers of rotator cuff tear can’t lift the items and they can’t lift the arm at the sides. Pains will be frequently worse as the night specifically when the sufferers sleep on the affected side. It can be one of the most debilitating aspect of any cuff of injury. The sufferers can be potentially really tired and painful. This is a kind of not a great combination.

The weakness

rotator cuff tear symptomsThe term weakness is closely related to the weakness of the shoulders. This is a kind of major symptoms which manifest itself as the inability to raise the arms. This not only involves up over a head, but toward any directions depend upon which tendons are torn. There rotator cuff tear symptoms are rather vague as torn muscles can be compensated for by the others muscle.

The deltoid muscles are utilized for lifting the arms and can make up for the loss of the cuff functions. It is not ideal and the correct treatments should remain the priority. On the other case specifically on a full thickness tear, the rotator cuff tear symptoms will be extreme. Several people suffer major tears or the detachments are left with little residual arm movements.

The diagnosis

Th diagnosis can be done by the doctors. This can be started by obtaining the detailed medical history of shoulders and performing the physical examinations. Comprehensive diagnosis can use several options including the ultrasound, X-ray, MRI, and also Arthroscopy.

Rotator Cuff Tear Treatment

For those who are suffering from a tear of rotator cuff, you can repair your condition by taking the methods of the treatments. The treatment is variously. It is because the severe or symptoms of this pain are different from the one with the others.

Various types of rotator cuff tear treatment

There are two options for basic rotator cuff tear treatment. It depends on your preferences and the pain itself when you are choosing the treatment that’s right for you. Both of these can make the sufferers get better. The first is non surgical treatment. It includes the physical therapies and the others treatment. This treatment is frequently used firstly before taking the surgery treatment. The surgical treatment can be used as the non surgery can’t be done. All of this will come with different specific risk.

The health care providers or doctors advise the sufferers for having one or the both of rotator cuff tear treatment. The advice will depend on sizes and types of the injury. The amount of the damages to the tendons of the rotator cuffs can help the doctors to decide which treatment that are needed by the sufferers and how long the treatment that should be done.

Rotator cuff tear treatment option: Without surgery

The options for non surgery treatment are in diverse. This can be undergoing the physical or the occupational therapies. The skilled therapists will assist the sufferers with numerous of exercises and the stretches for strengthening the shoulder muscles. Others option of the treatment can take the oral medicines. These medicines include either non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs or acetaminophen like the naproxen or ibuprofen. Others can take the steroid as the pill on the injection.

rotator cuff tear treatmentChoosing the rotator cuff tear treatment

The non surgical treatment has shown that this can help to improve the weakness, pain, and arm movements. There is not much information about what option of the treatment that is claimed as the better one. The health care providers or doctors will use some treatments at the same time for helping the sufferers. As has been mentioned before, the surgical treatment is taken based on the sizes and type and how long the sufferers have had injuries. The physical therapies are enough for helping to improve the weakness and pain, and the surgery can be the better option. The surgery is taken when the physical therapies will not improve the symptoms.

The roles of sufferers on rotator cuff tear treatment

The sufferers play the essential roles during the term of recovery. Make sure to follow the instruction from the doctor and keep the appointments of the treatment and you can do the home exercises. You need to talk to the doctors about what to expect during the treatments and the time the sufferers must start feeling better.

Rotator Cuff Tear Exercises

The rotator cuff tear exercises can help the sufferers in developing the shoulders. The sufferers can avoid the future injuries or those can assist the recoveries after the shoulder injuries which have already happened. The tendon will stabilize the shoulders while the combinations of the muscles permit the range of broad of the motions that are given by the human body. The injury includes the tears, tendonitis, and subacromial bursitis is generally caused by the weak or overuse and the tight muscles.

Warm up

rotator cuff tear exercisesOne of crucial exercises is called as warm up. If not more so, for the weight training as for the cardio workouts. Warm up is necessary for those who have endured toward any sort of the shoulder injury. The warm up will consist of various arm circles. These range from the small to the large and rotating on varied directions are better ways for loosening up the arms for the workout.

You will meticulously for picking ideal exercises for the shoulders to get the most out of the labors. The beginners want to pick up to four kinds of exercises with the each move toning shoulders on the distinct ways. It is recommended not to settle which only focus on one up to two muscles. You can focus on the toning only certain muscles on arms. It will result the abnormal imbalance that can potentially cause the injury as the strong muscle can endure weights, but the weaker muscles are sent far over the limits.

This can give the muscular exterior as the sufferers wants in short time. It must be noted that the strain and tension which will be put on the body through will not give great benefits. The better practice of building the strength is avoiding lifting as much as you can only few times, but to use the lighter weight and doing lots of sets and reps. You can start these exercises by doing up two sets of eight up to ten repetitions for each exercise. Then, you have to build the way up to three or four sets of twenty up to thirty repetitions for each. You have to try to execute the workout about three up to five days of each week.


After performing workout, it is important for making the shoulders, not only stronger but also more flexible. You can pick for at least three different stretches for arms. You have to hold one for no less than fifty seconds. The stretching has to feel agreeable and never discomforting. If this is painful, you have to either stretching too much or you can aggravate the injury. If the shoulder inflammation is the side effect of doing rotator cuff tear exercises, you can try to place the ice pack to the shoulders for about ten minutes immediately after finishing the stitching.

The rotator cuff tear exercises which can build up steadily into being the terrific for growing the strength without any risking of overuse or injury. Those exercises are excellent behaviors to get a healthier body. Those are also viewed as low impacts.

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