Rotator Cuff Injury: Physical Therapy and Surgery

The rotator cuff injury can quite occur because the overuse in sports like swimming, tennis, baseball, gymnastics, even also just in the workplace. This depends on the job which can potentially cause the falls. The rotator cuff is made up by four muscles. This can be infraspinatus, teres minor, subscapularis, and supraspinatus. Those are not only responsible toward the movements of shoulders and keep the Humerus against shoulder blade as well as stabilize shoulder joints.

The scope of rotator cuff injury

The injury can happen to any of the four muscles on the shoulders. Those injuries can begin as small as the tingle and it works up to the unbearably pain levels. It will much more than likely be down to the specific instance like the falls or the over stretching. The rotator cuff injury scope can differ from one person with others. This can include only one of four muscles even also multiple muscles. This rotator cuff injury can be simple only as the inflammation or worse, like the tear in the muscle.

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It will heal on its own or it will be worst even requires the surgery for the treatment. Things must be noted that the rotator cuff injury can be potentially fairly minor even awfully serious. The judgment only can be made by the professional doctor. Read more

Rotator Cuff Tear – Symptoms, Treatment and Exercises

Rotator cuff tear is known as the rupture of one of cuff tendons. Most tendon is torn where those attaches to the Humeral Head of Humerus or the bone of the upper arm. There are about four cuff muscles which each with the tendon attaches to the Humerus. The tear happens on the tendon which is called as Supraspinitus tendon. This is classified as either full or partial thickness. In the case of the partial tear the tendons are damaged, but those damages will not extend completely through the tendons. The full thickness will extend through all tendons which can be torn away from the bones.

The causes of rotator cuff tear

Before going to talk about the causes of rotator cuff tear, you better known about the types firstly. There are two kinds of rotator cuff tear distinct type. Those are chronic tear and acute tears. For the chronic tear, it is caused by the injury with the gradual onset over the times. The acute tear is caused by the identifiable accident or trauma. Both of them have lots of others causes. For the acute tears, it can be possibly caused by the car crashes, trips, slips or falls and the tears which are caused as lifting the heavy weights. The acute tear is the most common form on the age under 40. Read more