What Is Slugging Percentage in Baseball

Baseball is one of the famous sports in the world that can be played by teams. This sport is one of the famous one. Most people do not know some words that are used in this sport including Slugging percentage. People that do not familiar with this sport will ask what is slugging percentage in their own question is or ask for their friend or other people. This word or this term is used to show a statistic baseball and calculated by total bases a batter that has been reached. With this one, people will know the statistic of the baseball competition in one game.

Slugging percentage has other kinds like OPS. The slugging percentage will help to define who hits for power. The game will know who the best batters are in a great power in batting. The statistic is important because it will speak louder than words so that to know what is slugging percentage is important for people to get the accurate information at the game. You will not say about bullshit in the baseball game because this statistic will give the best information in a game.

The best one in the slugging percentage in baseball competition

The slugging percentage, especially at the OPS will emphasize at the batter’s ability to get the base and hit for the power. Most people should know what the player, especially batter do at the competition. If you love baseball, you need to get new information about what is slugging percentage to facilitate you during watching the game. It is held by Babe Ruth with its 690 season in this baseball, especially for the slugging record. It is amazing that will win the game well. The formula on this one is not as intuitive, but it is often more convenient.

This method will be effective to determine the player hitting power. Two players can be calculated when they have the same or almost the same batting average and finally determine which player is better through the slugging percentage. Slugging percentage will facilitate people to calculate the slugging in the game. It will be easier than using the intuitive one because it will be more accurate on calculation.

How to calculate the slugging percentage

what is slugging percentagePeople should know how to calculate this SLG (read: How to Calculate Slugging Percentage in Baseball) because it has a rule to calculate. The most important that should be noticed by people in this percentage is people should understand what is slugging percentage. This one is called as slugging average or SLG where it will be seen at the player’s average number of bases per bat. It means that if only one player has unrealistic slugging percentage of 1, the average will be resulted as a single. The measurement of this one is looking at the number of bases from hits. It is not from walks or the hit by the pitch. Calculating this one will be more accurate to measure the offensive power of players.

People should know to find the number of singles in the game. You will calculate the home runs, triples, and doubles to get all the hits that are not singles. After that, people do calculate the number of bases. They should add together between singles, doubles, triplet, and home run to get the total number of bases. Slugging percentage will be easier to calculate the percentage in the game. The information from this percentage is accurate so that you do not worry about the result of the calculation.

The advantages of using slugging percentage

Many advantages that can be found by people when they use the slugging percentage after they ask about what is slugging percentage for their baseball playing. On base percentage slugging is one of kind from this percentage where it will help people in handicapping. People will know the score in through the percentage. The percentage is calculated from the home run and the way to bat the ball on the game. The points are not calculated, only from who is the winner in the game. If you apply this calculation, it will give you some excellent information to look at the profits points because it is accurate to calculate.

What Is Slugging Percentage and the Formula?

People should know how much the point to calculate and how much the slugging percentage in every game. If you ask about what is slugging percentage, the point will be different. Home runs have 4 bases, triples have 3 bases, doubles have 2 bases, and singles have 1 base. The higher percentage will be the better player. People should know that number of outs will influence the SLG. The player can maximize the SLG by increasing the number of bases and the number of outs one.

You should need the example to apply this calculation one to know more about what is slugging average. The example will give more information about what is slugging percentage. You will see a big match of the baseball game. Your best player had performance 3 home runs, 5 triples, 12 doubles, 20 singles, and outs 40 during a game. You can begin from home run to calculate the base where it has 4 bases (3×4 = 12), 5 triplets (5×3= 15), 12 doubles (12×2 = 24), 20 singles (20×1= 20). The total bases in the game are 12+ 15+ 24+ 20= 71.

Total bats for a game should be added the outs. The out is 40 so that the calculation is 12+15+24+20+40= 80. What is slugging percentage in this game? The total of bases should be measured out by total bats. The calculation of slugging percentage is 71/80 = 0.8875. Those are the calculation of the slugging percentage in your game. With this calculation, you know the percentage in the game well.

Know about what is slugging percentage is important in a baseball game. It will give more information accurately. You do not need to guess or presume the result of the game because this calculation will be better for you to know the performance of your favorite player in the game.

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