How to Throw a Sinker in a Baseball Game

There are many techniques including throwing techniques in a baseball game. Throwing can be the key in this kind of sport. You have to know the different types of throwing in a baseball game. One of the best throwing techniques is a sinker. It is a kind of throwing that purpose to make a curveball. It is an art of baseball techniques. You need to learn it if you want to be able to play baseball. We will discuss about how to throw a sinker in this article. There are many tips that you have to follow.

Holding a Sinker in Baseball

The first step that you have to do when you want to throw a sinker is to hold the baseball. You have to make sure that you hold it well. You need to place your two fingers, index finger and middle finger between the two seams inside to hold the baseball. It is similar to what you do with throwing two seams baseball. Place your thumb under the baseball lightly. It functions to hold the baseball. It becomes the first tip how to throw a sinker. Read more