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Bulgarian split squat is one type of exercise that is good for gaining strength on leg and muscles. The Bulgarian split squat can be said as the split squat exercise and RFESS (Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat). It is popular for its type of exercise where you need to split up your foot behind up to a bench or on the ground. It is known for using a staggered stance in its way of doing the exercise.

Bulgarian split squat is named as a single leg exercise. Though it is called as a single leg exercise, but it uses both legs. You exercise your legs by one simultaneously. The way how doing this exercise is quite simply. When you do it, you still need to be careful. You rest your back leg on the bench that is near to you. The height of the bench should be around 4-6 inches. You can put more emphasis on the front leg and be stable.

This split squad or RFESS becomes more popular. Many exercisers, strength, or conditioning cocks start to practice this exercise to their members. Some of the benefits of this exercise are giving a good stability of the exerciser, mobility, balance, strength, and more. The Bulgarian split squat explores two kinds of split squat. First is split squat with dumbbells guide and the second is single leg split squat.

Two types of Bulgarian split squat

Bulgarian Split SquatThe Bulgarian split squat has some kind on the way of doing it. Both are the split squat with dumbbells and single leg split squat. For the split squad with dumbbells, you need to put your position in a staggered stance. You lay your foot up and place it behind your back straight, then your other leg place in forward. You should should be straight much of your body. So, you have to lower your body around 25 or 35 degrees.

Another step is holding dumbbells in each of your hands and let them hand on the sides. Start by going down. Then, you need to make flexible your knee and hip to your lower body. You have to keep the position by doing this movement. You have to stabilize your front knee with the foot. When you come to bottom of movement, you have to drive it through the extending the knee and hip before return back to the starting movement.

The other kind of split squad or RFESS is the single leg split squat. The way how to do this squat is starting with placing a bench that has flat texture around 2 or 3 feet behind you. Your next step is setting the bar. You have to set it according to your height. It is not higher or lower of your height. After setting it on the right height, you have to step under the bar and place the back of your shoulder across it. You have to hold the bar with your arms. Remember to put your palms approaching forward.

Unlock your hand position and start to lift it off the rack with the first pushing. Do it with your legs. Straighten your torso in the same time for you do the first pushing. The next step is placing one of your feet forward under the bar. You have to extend your other leg back and place your foot that taps on the bench. Another step of this squad is by lowering the bar in a slow movement. You have to bend the knee at the same time. Then, you maintain your posture straight with your head up. You have to go down at the position where the angle between your upper leg and calf is slightly less. It is a position where your upper legs are below to the floor.

You can inhale your breath slowly when you do this position. You can start to raise the bar after inhaling your breath. It means you do this at the same time of your exhale. So, you should push the bar down on the floor in the place of your heel in a strength power. You have to strengthen your leg and going back again of the starting position. You have to switch your legs and the movement step one by one alternately. This was the end of practicing of Bulgarian split squat of single leg split squat.

How about the benefits of doing this split squad or RFESS exercise? Does this exercise is good and serve a great benefit for your body? The answer is yes, if only you do the Bulgarian split squat correctly and appropriate to the steps rule which has been mentioned above. If you do not follow the steps correctly and just do it whatever you see instead of getting the benefit, you will get hurt your body. Always note to do the steps correctly. If you do the exercise in a right way, you will get some benefits which will explain below.

The Benefit of Exercising the Bulgarian split squat

The Bulgarian split squat provides several benefits. For you who can do squat that the elevated rear leg, it can raise up the flexibility and balance of your hip. If you practice the exercise that uses the elevated rear foot, it will make your hip become more flexible. When you do the split squat, it can develop your ability to examine other sport or exercising like baseball, gymnastics, or football. For you who have a sore back, this exercise is recommended for you. This exercise will not harm your back or cause injury on your back.

The next benefit of Bulgarian split squat gains your power and what more interesting is it can load your ABS or muscle building faster than any other type of exercise. It can definitely burn your fat. You can feel lighter as you can run faster after doing this exercise continuously. Though when you see it slightly, the exercise seems hard to do and looks like will harm you. It is not at all. It is truly safe for you. You don’t have to worry that you will get a hurt knee or back since both will not come to you. So, are you interesting to start doing this exercise?

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