How to Break in a Glove Properly

I believe that people will do something over and over again when that thing feels comfortable for them. It goes the same with playing baseball where they will play it continuously when they feel that it is comfortable. The most common case when it comes to discomfort in playing baseball is the glove. Glove for baseball often gets a bit stiff and makes our fingers and hands difficult to be used for the maximum potential. This discomfort will make us discouraged. You should find out how to break in a glove. When you break in your glove, it will feel much better.

The break in glove is really comfortable for some reasons. It becomes for flexible. The flexibility will let you move your fingers and hand freely. As you can move freely, you can use your best ability to do the pitching or grabbing the ball. Break in glove will be fit in our hand well. I will provide a nice fitting that it will not come off easily. The stiff one does not follow the contour of our hand well and it will be slipped easily from our hand. As you know the goodness of break in a baseball glove, let us learn about how to break in a glove.

The Bad Ways for Breaking in a Glove

There are many ways to break in a glove that have been posted on the internet or informed by many people. You should know that how to break in a glove will not always provide nice results when you did it in the wrong way. There are some dangerous ways and safe ways of breaking in a glove. The right ways will provide the best result for the durability and quality where the bad ways will leave you with great remorse.

The most common bad ways that people follow is getting their glove in the oven. You should not think such way because your glove is not doughy. You see what happen to dough when it has been baked in the oven. The glove does break in and it will be withered and comfortable in the hand. The glove loses the strength and it becomes brittle. This glove will be easily ripped or pierced. It loses the elasticity that will result in loose structure. In a few months ahead, I believe you will have to visit the glove store again or give up on your baseball career.

You will have done wrong too when you follow the suggestion that you find from glove guy. The suggestions come with an order to soak your glove in certain liquids. The glove will be soaked in a bucket of liquid that comes from water, oil, and many other liquids that may reduce the stiffness of the glove. This is a totally wrong way about how to break in a glove. That liquid is weakening the structure instead of making it more elastic. You will experience a short term of ownership toward your glove.

How to Break in a Glove? Good Ways for Breaking in a Glove

how to break in a gloveThe bad ways of how to break in a glove are just bad ideas to be done. You have a proper way for dealing with this glove problem. The most common and safe methods for breaking in a glove are giving glove lotion and oil to the glove. You will get the glove break sooner when you get the oil and lotion. It will help to recover the strength which is reduced from the breaking process.

The second way of performing nice breaking in your glove is folding your glove. How to break in a glove will be performed in physical way which is regulated and safe. You need to fold the glove according to the contour of the fingers. These processes will make the glove start to wither as you fold it many times. The stiff chemical material will start to break down. That is the best case for getting softer and comfortable glove in your hand.

You want to get even safer way about how to break in a glove, you can do it by increasing your frequency of usage. Breaking in a glove naturally is the best way as it will let the glove work like it should. You just need to increase your frequency of usage to get this natural way. You can use it for playing ball throw with your friends, family, and other people. If you just can’t find it, you can start by throwing the ball to the wall and then catch the returned ball that you get. You will get more and better process when you do it almost in every single day of your life.

You should put the glove in your tight pocket every time you bring this glove out. The pressure that comes from the tightness will make the glove get loose. The loose glove will more adjustable to our hand. It is elastic and flexible to giving our hand good moves. Find your tightness shorts and then put it in your pocket for a long time. This method is the easiest and safest way, although it may take a long time.

You better wrap it in a tight stuff in storing your glove. You can get a bandage or other things for wrapping the glove. The wrap will work like the tightening in the pocket and other parts. You can put something heavy over it when you fold the glove. It is easy to be done right. How to break in a glove which is safe takes time and longer, but the result it’s worth to be proud of. You will not reduce the quality and strength so it will just go well with your glove.

As you know how to break in a glove in good ways, you better never tried to perform the bad ways for breaking in a glove. The glove that has been broken into will be comfortable to be used. If you do the bad ways, you will make your wallet getting thinner as the price of baseball glove is not less. The best quality will provide the best price too, so you should treat the glove properly if you do not want to spend a bunch of dollar in your yearly outcome for this glove.

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