Rotator Cuff Exercises to Relieve Shoulder Joint Injury

If you lift something weight, it may cause the risk of joint injury. One of the joints with the highest risk of injury is shoulder. You need to do exercises, especially that relates to shoulder joint. If you have a shoulder joint injury, you can relieve it with some exercise. The exercises should be chosen wisely. There are many exercises that are recommended for you to relieve your shoulder joint injury. We will discuss about rotator cuff exercises in this article. If you have an injury on your shoulder joints, you can follow these exercises.

9 Rotator Cuff Exercises

1. Doorway Stretch

One of the rotator cuff exercises is doorway stretch. It is very effective to relieve your shoulder joint injury. You do not need to go to a gym to do this exercise. Then, you can do it anywhere, including at home. You can start by standing in front of a doorway. Hold the door frame with your hands. Stretch your shoulder by pulling your body forward so that your shoulder joints will be stretched as well. Read more