How to Throw a Splitter like Pro in Baseball Game

For those who are interested in baseball, they will know kinds of pitching techniques. Pitching is the important techniques every baseball player must know. It needs a special skill to have such a good technique in pitching. This technique will make a player better than the other players. He will have different skill from any other players. The pitching has many kinds of technique. There are different ways to pitch a ball. All the techniques of pitching have different level by throwing a ball. One of the difficult pitching is a splitter. You will know some tips on how to throw a splitter.

Different Types of Pitching

There are many different types of pitching. You should know splitter belongs to what types. If you have known the types, it will make you easy the best ways to throw a splitter. This will lead you to know how to throw a splitter through its type. There are three types of pitching. They are breaking balls, changeups, and fastballs. Breaking balls have three types of pitching. Those are curve ball, slider, and screwball. This technique of pitching is focusing the pitch in a break-in direction.

Changeup is divided into palm ball, circle change, and super change. Those types are differentiated by the speed and the way you hold the grip. The palm ball is the easiest one because you need to have a loose and lighter grip to practice. Circle change as the name leads you to throw the balls and then change it in a circle way. Then the super change is the most difficult among those three changes technique. It needs a speed when you throw the ball. It is rather same in the way in how to throw a splitter because of the speed that you use when throwing the balls.

The fastball is the most fast thrown that has a speed of 95-104 mph to 107.9 mph. It covers two and four seam balls, forkball, cutter, and splitter. This type is the one that is used finger as the power, skill in throwing the balls. You need to grip the ball with your index and middle finger in the two and four seam ball. The cutter pitching is the mixing technique of slider and fastballs. For the forkball and splitter, there are differences between them. You can throw and drop the ball gradually in forkball, but in splitter you can drop the ball in a sudden. That is how to throw a splitter.

What Makes It Different?

how to throw a splitterThrow a splitter becomes the one technique many people want to know. Splitter or known as a split finger fastball is the one that has a high level of difficulty. This is such an advanced pitching in baseball games. Unlike pitch the slider and curveball, pitching a splitter is rather difficult. The slider is a kind of fast pitching that needs a special skill. This pitching allows the player to place their index finger next to the baseball seam. It needs to put the ball in the center and you must let your index finger spin off and make a movement to throw it.

The straighter curve ball is the most common grip in a baseball game. It belongs to breaking ball pitching. Throw a splitter is different from how to throw a slider. The grip is almost same, but slider has a tighter grip than splitting. The difference is in the way of pitching. If in the slider, the technique of pitching is created by the index finger that moves and spins off from the outside of the balls. But in the splitter, the pitching is created by throwing the ball directly with an extended upward of the index and middle finger. If in the other pitching technique the wrist is not stiff, the wrist must be stiff in the splitter technique. That is all that makes splitter different from any other pitching technique.

Technique and Advice

One of the professional splitter pitching is Bruce Sutter. If you want to make a good splitter throw, you have to know the technique Sutter used. He said that the hand of the player should be big. It is one of the ways to throw a splitter correctly because the downward movement will be only gotten with a deep choked of the ball in the player’s hand. The thumb should be placed in back seam in order to make a fastball.

Many people think that the main problems and the wrong point they get in splitter pitching is that the fastball must be thrown just like the two seam pitching technique. It is not the problem. As the pro, Sutter said that the ball will be thrown just like the forkball if the player’s thumb is positioned in the back of the seam. That is how to throw a splitter correctly and with a good result.

How to Throw a Splitter? Step By Step Like a Pro

Splitter becomes famous this day and many people are very curious to learning how to throw a splitter in the right way. You do not need to worry and make it difficult. If you really want to throw a splitter like a pro, you can practice these following steps with your friends or baseball team. There are some steps that you may take. The first is set the grip. You can use your index and middle finger to grip the seam.

The next step of how to throw a splitter is make a wind up. It means that you have to hide your ball in the glove so that the opponent will not see it. You can make a movement by stepping backward with one of your feet and another foot of you can make a windup. When you make your hands down, you have to make sure that you pivot the feet of yours, and make sure that it opposing the rubber.

You have to keep your eyes staring at the target. The next step lifts your leg and rotate your hips. You have to keep the power and balance of your body through your knees. Then, you can lower your leg, make the ball out from your glove, and throw the ball. You have to make sure that your arm is still swinging upward when you rotate the hips. Finally, you know how to throw a splitter like the professional thrower.

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