How to Throw a Changeup Fast

Baseball is a sport that is very interesting. It is enjoyable, but also full of tricks. When you want to throw the baseball, you have to know plan the throw that you will create, timing, and other tricks. One of the trickiest throws is changeable. This throwing purposes to make the hitter deceived by changing the timing. This throws requires you to change the pitch speed without changing the arm or delivery speed. If you are interested in it, this article will discuss about how to throw a changeup.

Is Changeup Important?

Before you learn how to throw a changeup, you have to make sure that this tip is important and useful for playing baseball. The changeup can deceive the hitter. It will make the hitter lose his or her balance. He or she will be difficult to hit the baseball. It is not only important to master changeup, but changeup can be considered as one of the best keys to win the game. It is very difficult to learn so that you have to be patented to master it. You can master it by trying it regularly, as often as possible.

When to Throw a Changeup

Changeup is a tricky baseball throw. It is very important to know when to throw a changeup. You can deceive the pitcher anytime because the more often you deceive the pitcher, the better it will be. You have to make sure that you throw in the right time. When the pitcher guesses the ball direction too early, it is the best time you throw a pitcher.

how to throw a changeupWhat to Keep in Mind when Throwing a Changeup

Changing up is one of the most difficult techniques in baseball. Not all baseball players can do it. You can learn it fast if you know the tips. Changing up can be done if you always remember hand feel. Hand feel can include three things. The first is arm speed. You should pay attention to the grip. The last key is good extension. By mastering those three things, you can practice throwing a changeup easily.

Arm Speed for Throwing a Changeup

If you want to learn to throw a changeup, you have to pay attention to your arm speed. The arm speed is similar to when you throw a fastball. You have to throw the ball hardly and make the ball slower by letting the grip works as natural. It sounds very difficult, but it can be mastered if you practice it again and again. Be confident with the pitch and you will be able to give the best arm speed for throwing a changeup.

Grips for Throwing a Changeup

When you learn to throw a changeup, you have some options of the grips to apply. It relates to the fingers you use when you hold and throw the baseball. You have to make sure that you choose the most comfortable one. The grip can be divided into 3 levels of category. They are advanced, intermediate, and beginner. What makes them different is the finger you use. You have to find the most proper grip to apply, so that you can do it comfortably.

How to Throw a Changeup with Standard Circle

Advanced changeup is the most difficult level of the changeup. If you want to learn with standard circle, you have to pay attention to your fingers. Your thumb and index fingers should form a circle. Two fingers on the top of the ball, middle finger and ring finger should across the ball seams. It looks like a four seam. You have to throw hard and then pull it down with your middle finger and ring finger.

How to Throw a Changeup with Two Seams

If you are at the level of intermediate, you have will learn to throw a changeup with the average difficulty. You are required to throw a changeup with two seams. Then, you should put your middle and ring fingers on the baseball inside the two seams. You can do it like throwing a fastball to throw the baseball. Let the grip works as well after you throw the baseball to the pitcher hardly.

How to Throw a Changeup with Three Fingers

The last level is the easiest one. It is for beginners. If you have never learned how to throw a changeup before, you can learn it from this easiest level. It is recommended for pitchers who are still young and the hand is not large enough to handle the baseball. Your three fingers should be on the top of the ball inside the seams. Throw the ball hard, lose the grip, and you can see the result. The key is practice it as often as possible.

Extension & Hand feel for Throwing a Changeup

The last thing that you have to pay attention when you learn how to throw a changeup is extensive. It is closely related to hand feel. When you throw the ball, you cannot squeeze the baseball. You have to lose it so that you can feel the ripping ball sensation. You need to make it usual to get the best result. So, you should practice it every day. The regular training will make you master it soon.

That is all about throwing a changeup in a baseball game. Considering the importance of this throwing technique, it is very important to learn how to throw a changeup. Hopefully this will be a useful reference especially for you who want to learn more about pitching techniques.

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