What You Need to Know About Slugging Percentage Formula

For some people who know very well about baseball must have known about slugging percentage formula. It is the term that almost all baseball fans know deep down. This term is known as the baseball statistics. In the baseball world, this term is the calculation of the total bases that the batter has achieved in all of the game they play. It is the popular formula in which people calculate and measure the power that comes from the hitter. There is common formula which is mostly used to measure the hitter power. But, it is not the only one formula that you have. There are other formulas developed that you can use as well.

The Slugging Percentage Formula

There is more than one formula that is used to calculate the power of the hitter that is used in baseball. Before knowing more about the slugging percentage, you have to understand that this term casually gets the abbreviation as SLG. The formula uses this abbreviation in all the calculation. Moving on to the formula itself, the common formula and the most popular one are like this. SLG = ( 1 B) + ( 2 x 2 B ) + ( 3 x 3 B ) + ( 4 x H R ) A B {\display style\mathrm {SLG} = {\frac { ( {\mathit {1B} } ) + (2\times {\mathit {2B} } ) + (3+\times {\mathit {3B} } ) + (4\times {\mathit {H R } } ) } {AB} } }.

slugging percentage formulaAt the first sight, this formulation may seem quite difficult to understand. So, there will another explanation. There AB, this is the at-bats number that the players give when they play. Other terms like 1B is the number of the acts play that existed in the game. The 1 B represents the number of single numbers. The 2 B is the number of doubles while 3 B is the number triples. There is an HR term as well, which tells about the number of home runs. This is obviously not the only formula people will use to measure the players’ hitter power.

Another formula

There is another formula that has been formulated in a new form. It is found together by Allen Barra and George Ignatin that introducing the new modern statistic baseball measurement. The term is known as SLOB which is the abbreviation of Slugging On base. The formula is RC = ( hits + walks ) x ( total bases ) ( at bats ) + ( walks ) {\display style {\text {RC} } = {\frac { ( {\text { hits } } + {\text { walks } } )\times ( {\text { total bases } } ) } { ( {\text { at-bats } } ) + ( {\text { walks} } ) } } }. On this formula, the walks number is included. It is different from the previous one that excluded the walks number.

Slugging percentage formula is developed into another formula as well that is known as OPS or on-base slugging. This formula is easier to calculate than the two others. Since it is easier, many people start to use this formula better than the others. It is used frequently to check out the batter hit number. After knowing all the formulas, it is really good to know the world’s record of the maximum percentage that has been existed in this world. As you know, the maximum percentage of this measurement is reached at 4000. In fact, there has no player that can reach that point.

The World’s Perfect Slugging Percentage of Players

There has no player in the world that can reach the maximum percentage of SLB, which holds in 4000 points. But, the average of 4.0 points has been touched by several great players. At least, there are four players that have been known as a really good and brilliant batter that can print the higher level of percentage. The number percentage, after the calculation, reaches at around 3000 points, which is really high. It is calculated on the at-bats.

The first player that shares the first higher level is Eric Cammack. He reaches around 2000 points. The second player is Scott Munninghoff that reaches the world’s record in 1980 in the Phillies. The other players that have been noted in the baseball history come from 70s ad 50s. The 1973 player that is from Brewers is Eduardo Rodriguez that can reach higher levels of batting power point while the older generation is beheld by Charlie Lindstrom from White Sox that noted the record in 1958.

So, thus are several things that you need to know related to slugging percentage formula. The formula can help you to know better about the percentage of the players’ power. Though the formula seems hard to understand, but it is obviously important in baseball. With this you can know how great and perfect the players’ are.

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