Tips How to Throw a Cutter

Baseball is a very interesting sport. It has been popular long years ago and it becomes more popular now even though it is not as popular as football. They are very complex even though they seem simple. One of the techniques that you have to master is how to throw a cutter. It is kind of throw that creates a curved throw and is divided into two. They are two seam cut baseball grip and four seam cuts of baseball grip. If you are interested to learn it, you can follow the techniques below.

Two Seam Cut Baseball Grip

You can start it by holding the baseball as usual when you hold a baseball with two seams. You need to hold it using your two fingers. They are index finger and middle finger on the two seams of the baseball. Make sure that you hold it well, so you can throw it fast and strong. It can create a great throw. It can be considered as one of the most basic tips how to throw a cutter.

After you start to hold the baseball, you may not be comfortable with your hold. You have to find the best holding position. It will be better to move your two fingers, index and middle fingers, to the right. The middle finger should be on the right of the seam whereas the index finger is adhered beside it. You will able to hold the baseball, comfortably and steadily. It can create a great strength when you throw it.

The next step how to hold a cutter in baseball is to move your thumb a little upward. It purposes to make you find the most idea holding position. By holding the baseball perfectly, you will be able to throw the baseball perfectly too. The finger position should be customized to the sizes of your fingers. After you hold the baseball with your fingers, you can perfectly throw the cutter. It is one of the keys how to throw a cutter.

Before you throw the baseball forwards, you need to fold the circle of your arm a little close to your thumb position. If you use your right hand, you need to fold your arm circle stiff to the left. If your dominant hand is your left hand, you need to do it to the contrast direction. Its purpose to make your energy more focus. It can provide greater strength. With greater strength, you will be able to throw the baseball faster.

When you throw the ball, you have to create a rotation effect because it is the key of this throwing. Using the middle finger can be useful to throw a cutter in baseball. You use your middle finger to create a circle or rotation of the throw so that you have to direct your middle finger as well. It depends on the rotation that you want to create in throwing the baseball. You can adjust it and should try and try. It belongs to the ways how to throw a cutter.

Four Seam Cut Baseball Grip

how to throw a cutterThere is a way to throw a cutter in baseball with four seam cut. You need to start it as usual that is holding the baseball using two fingers, middle finger and index finger. The position will be different from the two seam cut. You have to hold the baseball with the two fingers by crossing the seam that looks like U letter. You have to make sure that your fingers should meet the seam in four places. They are two on the upper and two on the lower. It is the most basic tip throw a cutter if you use four seams cut.

Similar to the previous way that is using two seam cut, it requires you to move your fingers to the right. You should make sure that you give the extra hold or press with your middle finger. It is because you will throw the baseball with your middle finger is the last to hold the ball. Its purposes to create the rotation or circle of throwing.

Different from the two seams cut where you need to move your thumb upward, you need to do the contrast way in this throwing. You need to keep your thumb in a low position or even lower. It belongs to the tips to throw a cutter baseball because it functions to hold the baseball well and comfortably. It can be considered as one of the best tips how to throw a cutter as well.

How to Throw a Cutter Rightly

After you are ready with your holding, you need to hide the handful in the glove on your left arm. You cannot throw too soon because it will not shock your opponents. You have to throw the cutter in the right time. So, you need to focus your mind on the baseball to get the best throwing. It will make you able to provide the greatest energy. When throwing, you have to give the extra press with your middle finger and stamp your arm down to create the best throwing.

That is all the tips how to throw a cutter when you play baseball. There are many tips that you need to learn and follow. You need to try those tips regularly. You will be able to do it easily. Hopefully this will be a useful reference especially for you who are interested in baseball.

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