3 Best Easton XL1 Youth Baseball Bat for Young Players

Choose the right baseball bat doesn’t only considering the brand itself. The experience when holding the baseball bat is indeed the essential thing that needs to be considered. Not all people who buy the baseball bat have ever experienced the moment when hitting the baseball using the right bat. It is needed to consider more on the tips on getting baseball, especially for Easton XL1 youth before buying the right one. The materials of baseball are in wood and metal. The length and weight influence the function of the bat. It is because the age of the player needs to suit themselves with the right weight and length.

After those points of considering Easton XL1 Youth baseball bat, considering the handles, grips, and barrel is needed to make sure to hold the bat well and comfortable. Some players will consider the color that matches their desires, or to make sure that the bat can stay clean in a long time. The legal requirement is needed before buying one since there are some requirements needed for the player to get the right bat in the game.

Easton XL1 Youth Baseball Bat Review

1. Easton SL14X18 XL1 Baseball Bat

Easton XL1 Youth - Easton SL14X18 XL1 Baseball BatThis Easton XL 1 youth for SL14X18 has 29/32″ for the composite handle. The barrel diameter is sized at 2-5/8″. The handle of the bat is made by SIC Black Carbon. Easton SL14X18 has the weight of 1.6 pounds or 0.7 kg. This bat is colored in yellow for the barrel and the grip and black for the handle and knob. Have this bat needs more care since the yellow colored grip needs to be cleaned more often. This bat is great for a baseball player who wants to reach the large sweet spot well.

Easton SL14X18 can be used for young baseball player. It can be used in the range of 11 to 13 years old. The baseball player that using this bat may feel heavy for the age of almost 11, but it depends on the body. The player who uses Easton XL1 youth for SL14X18 can reach for over 300 foot field when hitting the baseball. The comfort grip and handle increase the confidence that influence the swing of the baseball. Easton SL14X18 brings a good time for the hitter who wants to learn slugging by themselves with the good shape.

Easton XL 1 youth has the all composite two piece 8 2 5/8″ for the barrel design. It’s designed with IMX composite Monster Barrel that is made to make a massive sweet spot in the powerful performance. For the head of the barrel is designed with little extra weight to create good swing. The result that can be made by using this bat is the light swing with added barrel mass. Easton SL14X18 is using patented two piece Connexion technology. With the ultra thin composite handle which is 29/32″, Easton SL12X18 is a good bat to train the power of slugging the baseball for better performance.

You can visit the link below to get more Easton SL14X18 XL1 Baseball Bat details or to check the price.

Easton SL14X18 XL1 Baseball Bat

2. Easton 2015 SL15X18 XL1 COMP 2 Baseball Bat

Easton 2015 SL15X18 XL1 COMP 2 Baseball BatEaston SL15X18 has the size of 29/32″ for the composite handle. It has 2 5/8″ for the barrel diameter. Just like Easton SL14X18, this Easton youth baseball bat has SIC black carbon for the handle of the bat. The handle grip is made with performance diamond grip. Easton SL15X18 is made with red, gray, and white for the color. The part of red is in the barrel and the knob, while part of the grey is in the grip, and part of the white is in the handle of the bat. The player needs to clean the handle in routine since it is made in bright color.

The Easton youth baseball bat can be used for the age that is just as the same as the brand. Young age in the range of 10 to 13 years old can use this bat well. This baseball bat is good to train them at school or at the home yard. But, the comfort of using this baseball depends on the height and weight of the baseball player.

Easton SL15X18 can be a good choice. Slugging baseball using Easton baseball bat has a very good pop. It is good for the players who are looking to train themselves to hit with much power. This bat is made end loaded bat, which means that this baseball has the weight at the end of the barrel. It influences the performance of the player in creating more pop because the player can swing the bat at ease. The SL15X18 Easton baseball bat has 2 piece bats connects the system. This Easton XL1 youth baseball bat is certified with USSSA 1.15 BPF.

You can visit the link below to get more Easton 2015 SL15X18 XL1 COMP 2 Baseball Bat details or to check the price.

Easton 2015 SL15X18 XL1 COMP 2 Baseball Bat

3. Easton 2015 SL15X15 XL1 COMP 2 Baseball Bat

Easton 2015 SL15X15 XL1 COMP 2 Baseball BatEaston SL15X15 is the next baseball bat that is part of Easton XL1 youth. The ultra thin composite handle is sized in 29/32″. The barrel diameter of this baseball bat is 2 5/8″. The weight is 2.2 pounds or 0.99 kg. The color of this baseball bat is red, light gray, and dark gray. The barrel of the bat and the knob are colored in red and gray, the handle is colored in light gray, and the grip is colored in dark gray. This baseball is good for the young players who doesn’t take care the baseball bat often since the color can disguise the dirt.

Based on the length, this Easton XL1 youth is good for player in 12 until 13 years old. This is a perfect baseball for these ages since the weight and the length fits perfect. Just by looking at the length, it can even be a good consideration for people who want to send this as a gift for the young baseball player.

It is USSSA 1.15 BPF certified. This baseball can be good to be chosen to train or to be used in the real game. Made with two piece of all composite design. It can influence the bat speed and massive barrel. This Easton XL1 youth baseball bat is accompanied by IMX advanced composite barrel that functions to create the best sweet spot in the best performance. The handle that is made with SIC black carbon can create the better feel since it can reduce the vibration. Easton SL15X15 is completed with the patented two piece conation technology. Its benefits for the energy transfer that can be maximized.

Consider buying baseball bat needs to make sure about the cleaning routine. If you are not in the habit of cleaning the baseball bat routinely, you need to get the comfortable baseball bat with a dark color for the handle and the grip. You need to make sure the material that is used from the baseball bat. Some materials cannot be used during cold weather because it may crack the surface. Consider the size is really important to get the right swing for the young players. Easton XL1 youth offers vary kinds of baseball, as described above, for better consideration to buy.

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