9 Best Torn Labrum Rehab Exercises

Doing physical activities are very important to keep your health. Different people may love to do different physical activities. The intensity is different. Too hard physical activities can cause torn labrum. It can be caused by falling and your holding position and happens on your shoulder. It will be very painful. You need to treat it as soon as possible before it gets worse. It can be treated with various ways. One of them is by rehab exercises. If you want to know more about torn labrum rehab exercises, you need to follow this article.

Torn Labrum Rehab Exercises

1. Arm Clasp for Torn Labrum Rehab Exercise

The first exercise that you can do to treat torn labrum is arm scalp. It is a kind of exercise where you will focus on restoring the flexibility of your shoulder joint. You need to hold your back or shoulder with all of your fingers to do this exercise. Stretch upward your arms as far as possible you can. Hold this stretching position for about 30 seconds. Repeat it four times each session.

2. Shoulder Rotation for Torn Labrum Rehab Exercise

The second idea is an exercise with shoulder rotation. Shoulder rotation is a kind of exercise that will function to lower the pain as well as to improve the flexibility of your shoulder. You can do it directly by rotating your shoulder. It is very easy, is not it? You can use a table to help you to do it. You just need to lay your affected arm on the table and then press it while rotating your shoulder. It will give the greater pressing.

torn labrum rehab exercises3. Wall Walk-Up for Torn Labrum Rehab Exercise

The next rehab exercise for torn labrum is wall walk up. It is a home exercise because you can do it at home. You need to use wall frame or door to help you. Stand near the door. After that, you need to grab the door with your fingers. Slowly walk up the door using your fingers. You need to hold this position for about 10 seconds and then repeat it for a few times.

4. Shoulder Flexion for Torn Labrum Rehab Exercise

You can consider shoulder flexion. Shoulder flexion will be best done with a sitting position. You need to sit on a chair straightly. Reach your shoulders with your arms and then pull or stretch up your elbows as high as possible. Hold it for a few seconds for 10 repetitions for each session.

5. Push Up for Torn Labrum Rehab Exercise

Push up is one of the most common exercises. It can be done by anyone because it is very easy. You do not need to use any exercise tool to do this. This kind of exercise will be useful to recover torn labrum. It will strengthen your muscles and joints related to your shoulder. It will be helpful. If you want to practice push up, you should start it slowly depending on your shoulder condition. Improve your push up gradually until your torn labrum gets better.

6. Back Up for Torn Labrum Rehab Exercise

Back up exercises are also very helpful. Backup is a kind of exercise that focuses on your back and shoulder. It can help you in recovery your torn labrum. If you do this exercise regularly, you can feel the result faster. You cannot do back up too hard when you feel pain. Just do it slowly and do not forget to take a rest.

7. Arm Press for Torn Labrum Rehab Exercise

The next exercise that will be useful for torn labrum recovery is arm press. You can select your weight depending on your desire. With your torn labrum condition, you cannot lift too heavy weight. It will be better for you to start from the lower weigh and select heavier weights after your pain of torn labrum is reduced. It will not only recover your torn labrum but also strengthen your shoulder muscles.

8. Lifting Dumbbells for Torn Labrum Rehab Exercise

You can consider lifting dumbbells for torn labrum recovery exercise. Why should you lift dumbbells? Dumbbells will be better because you they are lighter in weight than barbells. Dumbbells are usually available from 5 pounds. You can choose the dumbbell weight based on your strength level. It relates to your torn labrum condition. If you’re torn labrum is in a serious condition, you have to start it from the lightest dumbbells. It belongs to torn labrum rehab exercises because it is very helpful in recovering the pain as well as strengthening your muscles.

9. Pull Up for Torn Labrum Rehab Exercise

Another good exercise that will be useful for torn labrum is pulled up. You can do it anywhere, including at home. You will lift your own body so that you cannot adjust the weight. The heavier your weight, the heavier you will lift.

That is all the best exercises that you can try if you get torn labrum. By doing those exercises, hopefully your torn labrum will be recovered fast, the pain will be reduced, and your shoulder muscles will be stronger. Those torn labrum rehab exercises above will be effective if you do them regularly and rightly.

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