4 Seam Fastball, Its Function, and the Way of Putting the Fingers

For the beginner in playing baseball, the 4 seam fastball could be one avoided the kind of baseball pitches. This one is a relatively hard type of the baseball and not all people can throw this one too. Understanding it from the beginning can be something important. It can be the right way to be included in the strategy for winning the game. The pitcher who knows all about this fastball can be the honored pitcher and he is really the skilled one too.

The different type of baseball pitches has the different way of throwing. The knowledge must be learned about 4 seam fastball can be connected into two aspects. The first one is about how to throw it and the second one is how to knock it. Both of them have the similar important aspect, but for the first you can learn the earlier one. That is more complex because in the beginning you must learn about how to grip it. The way of throwing it is really simple to be completed. So, you can focus into the first aspect and let the latter follows.

The Basic of Fastball

Even if four seam fastball needs the hard skill to be learned, but it is the commonest one found in every baseball game. The cause can be connected into the accuracy and the effect may be gained from this one. The fastball like this one can be the most effective one for maximizing the velocity of the pitcher. That is greater than some other kinds of fastball including the two seam fastball or the cutter and the splitter. The best way actually understands all of them and the way for throwing it.

4 seam fastballThis is often categorized as the top pitches too inside baseball. This one is called as the fastest one. That becomes the other reason for its popularity. Besides, throwing this kind of fastball does not need so many moves. The effectiveness of this throwing can be connected into its fastest time for being thrown. It means that there is no wasting time for making this throwing. That can give the other advantages for the team.

How to Throw 4 Seam Fastball?

The next thing must be understood about this seam fastball relates into the way of throwing it. The question about how to throw a 4 seam fastball is the popular question uttered, especially by the beginner in baseball. It is easy to throw this ball theoretically. The first aspect to be noticed is about the position of the ball with your finger and the other aspect is the direction where you will throw the ball.

First, you must focus into your middle and index fingers. Both of them are the most useful fingers used for 4 seam fastball. The combination between your index finger tip and the middle finger first knuckle is on the seam. Both of them must be separated and do not be in touch between one and another. There must be available space between them to make the perfect throwing.

The other three fingers they are the thumb, the ring, and the pinkie has the specific position. The thumb is positioned underneath in the opposite side of the top fingers. At the same time, put the ring and the pinkie on both sides of the ball. These all about how to put your complete fingers when you want to throw four seam fastball. Do not forget to face the ring and the pinkie fingers in the downward direction before you throw it.

The last thing to be understood after knowing about the finger position for throwing 4 seam fastball is related to the way of throwing. It is simple to throw it as when you throw something. You do not need to make the special technique relating to your wrist. Through the simple throwing like that, the straight pitch could be made. The effectiveness caused by this fastball is made by its technique. Just try and learn to throw it since it will be the best throwing ball needed during your playing time.

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