Torn Rotator Cuff Symptoms and the Treatment

Know about the torn rotator cuff is important for you, especially when you are an athlete of tennis or others. The rotator cuff is a group of the four tendons and muscles, which lay around your shoulders. It is one of the important things, which will support the movement especially in your activity. You may face the problem of it, which is called as the torn. We will try to know it in some details.

What Does a Torn Rotator Cuff Feel Like?

Maybe people ask about what does a torn rotator cuff feel like to know about this matter. It is common because some people do not know about some dangerous things, which may happen in their shoulder. The torn rotator cuff is a serious problem, which will give you another problem and produce the weakness in your shoulder. Let us talk about this matter. I hope it will be useful for you.

The causes of the problem

We will start the discussion by talking about the cause of this problem. The cause can be the evidence to answer the question about what does a torn rotator cuff feel like. The torn rotator cuff problem is divided into two, based on the cause. The first is the acute tears. The acute tear is the most common problem occurs in the people. It is caused by lifting heavy weight things with a jerking motion.

torn rotator cuffThe second is the degenerative tear. It is the second division of it, but it is harder than the first one. Some matters cause the degenerative tear, as the repetitive stress. The repetitive stress happens because of the repeating same shoulder motions. Lack of blood supply will cause the degenerative tear. It can be caused by old age.

By knowing the cause, you can maintain yourself and preparing anything. The next is falling on your shoulders. The rotator lays on your shoulders. The sudden falling in the shoulder may shock it. When the fall is hard, you may face any case.

Another thing is lifting heavy weights. We try to force us to lift the heavy weight. When the weight of the things is capable to be lifted, it doesn’t matter. When the things, which you will lift has more weight than yours, you will force your arm to lift it. Forcing arm to lift the things will cause the torn rotator cuff. You need to be careful with this.

What are the imaging tests?

There are some kinds of the examinations, which can be used to treat the problem. For the first is the X-rays. The X-rays will be useful in the way to know the real condition of your shoulder. The doctor will know the location of the broken muscle or tendon in your shoulder. It will be great as the first method of treatment.

The second kind of the imagining test is MRI or magnetic resonance imaging. It is the new style of the imagining test, which uses the sound to determine the problem. By using this method, the doctor will know the location of your broken muscle in your shoulder. This kind of the imagining test is special because the doctor may determine the quality of the problem. The doctor can analyze the problem.

The rotator cuff is the kind of problem that you need to pay attention to it. By seeing the cause and the symptoms, you can see the details about what does a torn rotator cuff feel like. After knowing the details of it, seeing the doctor soon is the best way for you.

The Torn Rotator Cuff Symptoms and Examinations

torn rotator cuff symptomsBefore talking about the treatment, it is important for you to know about the symptoms of the problem. The symptoms can be the things for you to avoid the more serious problem with it. There are several kinds of the symptoms. The first is the inability to sleep in the shoulder. You will be difficult to sleep on your shoulder because you will feel the pain when you do that.

A torn rotator cuff is a kind of pain, which is commonly faced by the adult people. This kind of pain attacks the shoulders and the arms of you. When you felt this pain, you will face weakness in your shoulders. The experts say that this problem may cause by lifting the heavy weight things.

There are some kinds of the symptoms. The first is the pain at rest and at night. This problem will cause any pain in your shoulders. When you are attacked by this problem, you will feel uncomfortable sense in your shoulders when you lay in your bed.

You will feel the pain when lifting and lowering your arm, especially when you make any specific movement on it. The symptoms show that inside your shoulder, there is any problem. The pain in movement is caused by the broken muscle or tendon in your shoulder. You will face weakness. You cannot do anything with this condition.

Another symptom is the pain in your shoulders and your arm. You will lose your energy, especially in your arm. Your arm will have no power to do something. This problem is maybe caused by lifting too weight things.

Another kind of the symptoms is the snapping of the crackling sound when you move your shoulder. This symptom can be indicated that your shoulder has a serious problem. The crackling sound there can be caused because of the broken muscle and tendon inside your shoulder. When you see this symptom in your shoulder, it will be better for you to have the treatment soon.

You may feel difficult to be moving the shoulder. When you feel this case, it can be indicated that you have the torn rotator cuff. The problem in the tendons and muscles in your shoulder, maybe becomes the cause of this symptom. You need to be careful with this. For the first aid, you can use some balms, which will give some warmth in your shoulder.

You know some matters about the torn rotator cuff. Know the details of it is important to prepare yourself to doing something. When you see the kind of the symptoms, you need to see the doctor soon. The doctor will give the treatment to you. The treatment is meaningful to ease the pain in your shoulder. It will bring back the power of your shoulder to do your activity again.

Some examinations ways

torn rotator cuff treatmentThere are some kinds of the torn rotator cuff treatment. For the first is the nonsurgical treatment. This treatment will be given for the light problem. The doctor will ask you to have more rest, avoid the activities that may cause any pain, and others. You can use the balm to give more warmth in your shoulder.

The doctor may ask you to have the surgery. The surgery will be given to you when you have the serious kinds of torn rotator cuff symptoms. You need to know the details of it. The surgery is only for the symptoms, which happen more than 6 months. The doctor fined more than 3 cm of tear in your shoulder. It will be the best when you see the specialist to have the better treatment.

The pain in your shoulder becomes the serious problems for you. Please pay attention to the kinds of torn rotator cuff symptoms. See the doctor soon is better. When you are late in seeing the doctor, you have more risk about the problem. Please be careful with your activity, which has any correlation with the arm and shoulder.

The Torn Rotator Cuff Treatment

Some athletes may face some problems as the pain in their shoulders. The pain of the shoulders is one of the common pain happen in adult people. Although it is kind of the common matter, you need to pay more attention because it may be the serious problem for you.

When we are talking about the torn rotator cuff treatment, you will find some kinds of the treatment. For the first treatment is the imaging test. The imaging test can be used to know the real condition inside your shoulder. You will have the x-rays as the first kind of the treatment. You can have the MRI or ultrasound to know the condition of your shoulder.

After the imaging test, you will have the second treatment. The doctor will give you the different kind of the treatment. When you have the light class of your problem, the doctor will give the non surgical treatment. The kinds of the non surgical treatments are rest, avoiding the weight activity and others. When you have the serious problem, you may face the surgery. Just check it first and you will face the further treatment.

Based on the explanation above, we all know some details about this problem. You know the kinds of the symptoms, which can be the cause why you need to see the doctor. The kinds of the torn rotator cuff treatment can be the way to ease the pain you are facing in your shoulder. Do not forget to be careful about your activity in the way to avoid from this risk.

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