How to Throw a Knuckleball with Different Methods

There are many techniques that you have to learn in a baseball game. You need to learn the techniques of throwing. There are many kinds of throwing ball in a baseball game. One of the best throwing techniques is knuckleball. It is a technique of throwing baseball where the ball is circled or rotated in the air. It creates a tricky ball direction and it is very interesting to learn. If you are interested in how to throw a knuckleball, you need to follow these tips below.

How to Throw a Two Knuckleball

There are 4 methods of throwing a knuckleball. The first method is 2 knuckles. It can be done easily. You need to hold the baseball with your fingers. Use two fingers to hold the baseball beneath the seam of the ball. As we know that a baseball has 4 horseshoe seam. It purposes to make you easier to hold and throw the ball. You should fold a little of both your index finger and middle finger so while the nails are behind the seam of the horseshoes. That is the first step how to throw a knuckleball.

You need to place your thumb above the baseball seam on the baseball left side. It purposes to make you hold stably. You have to pay attention to your thumb position well, so that you really hold the ball in the right position. You need to place the ring finger onto the right baseball seam. It functions similar to the thumb position that is as stability. This is very important in case of how to throw a knuckleball.

The next step is stretch your hand backward as you can. It functions to manage your power before throwing the baseball. You should pay attention to your wrist position. You need to fold your wrist backward a little to get more ideas and comfortable position before you throw the ball forward. Now, you are ready to throw the ball. Let your hand throw the baseball forward with your full power and see the knuckle effect of your drawing.

How to Throw a Three Knuckleball

how to throw a knuckleballThe next method is throwing three knuckles. How to do this? It is similar to the previous one, but in this throwing method you use three fingers to grab the baseball. The holding position will be stronger. The position of your thumb is same with the two knuckles. With three knuckles, you will be able to create a rotated throwing or circled ball in the air. You have to make sure that your three fingers are in a straight row. It becomes one of the most important steps to throw a knuckleball.

Your thumb should be placed above the seam on the baseball left side. As the common function, it functions as the stability point. Another stability point is on the right of the baseball. You need to use your little finger. You need to place it on the right of the ball to create the stability so that you can hold it in balance. This is the preparation how to throw a knuckleball that you have to do well.

The last step how to throw a three knuckleball is throwing it. Before you throw the ball, you need to pull your hand backward to provide the greatest energy. Stretch your hand and be focused on the target. It will be better for you to fold your wrist backward to make the preparation more perfect and you can make the best throwing. Lifting your front leg will be helpful. You are ready to throw the baseball. Give the full of your power in throwing the ball and make a knuckle throw. That is all how to throw a knuckleball using three knuckles.

How to Throw a Four Knuckleball

You can consider throwing a four knuckleball. You need to take the baseball and place the horseshoe of the baseball seam. Then, you will use your four fingernails to dig the baseball behind the baseball seam rightly. You have to really pay attention to your finger positions. With the right finger position, you will be able to make the knuckle perfectly. For the thumb, you have to place it on the side of the baseball under the seam as the stability. Those are the early steps how to throw a knuckleball using four knuckle technique.

It is time for the throwing step. You have to pull your hand backward to apply how to throw a four knuckleball as usual before you throw the baseball forward to your target. You have to keep your wrist because it can be the key of the throwing. After throwing the ball, follow your motion, including the legs as well as arms. You can see the result. If the knuckle is not good enough, you need to try it again and again until you get the best result. That is all how to throw a knuckleball using four knuckles.

How to Throw a Knuckleball Drill

The drill will be useful to increase your skill of the knuckleball. It will be a good idea for you to do it. You can train your skill by doing throw catch training. It should be done regularly so that you can do it well. You can try to train this technique by lying down and throwing the ball in the air. Another technique to throw a knuckleball with this drill technique is by playing hot potato with a knuckleball grip.

That is all the tips that you need to follow if you want to learn throwing especially throwing a knuckleball. You may need to do those tips regularly to get the best skill. Hopefully, this will be a useful reference for anyone who wants to practice how to throw a knuckleball or even learn to play baseball for beginners.

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